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Belmont Builders


Belmonte Builders knows how important it is to help homeowners fulfill their dreams, because the company itself is the result of one man’s dream. Founder Peter Belmonte left a successful career as an executive at GE in 1977 to build custom homes in New York’s Capital Region. Today his son, Peter Belmonte Jr., continues the company’s tradition of building high-quality homes in and around Albany, N.Y., for a wide range of clients. 

Belmonte says he, too, left a successful career outside of homebuilding at his father’s behest, and calls that decision “the best move I ever made.” Formerly an executive at a company that manufactures process controls, Belmonte says he brought some strong analytical approaches to business when he joined his father’s company in 1985, and he finds homebuilding to be an extremely rewarding experience. 

The company focuses its attention on the Capital Region, but Belmonte says it serves a diverse client base within that geographic area. He says Belmonte Builders builds homes for empty-nesters, executives and young families, but the common thread is that they’re all looking for an upgrade from their current home. “We are not a starter-home builder,” Belmonte says. “We are a move-up builder.” 

The fact that Belmonte Builders serves a diverse group of clients makes it unique in the region, according to Belmonte. That diversity, he says, combined with the company’s dedication to quality construction and luxurious designs, makes Belmonte Builders the choice to make dreams come true for dozens of clients every year. 

Total Quality

The primary reason Belmonte Builders has been successful is because the company never compromises on quality, Belmonte says. “Belmonte Builders has built its reputation on quality,” he says. “We are pleased to say that we are working with a customer now building their fifth Belmonte home.”

He adds that the company understands that building a home is an emotional process for the client, and so it works to ensure there are as few bumps along the way as possible. Clients measure the success of the company based on timeliness, quality and attention to detail, and so Belmonte Builders follows a 250-point checklist during its final inspections to prevent anything from slipping through the cracks. “If we don’t deliver a home with a zero punchlist or to a high standard, it will certainly be pointed out,” Belmonte says. 

Belmonte Builders wants to avoid problems in the first place, however, and Belmonte says the key is keeping an open line of communication between the company and the client at all times. Customers always have access to him through his cell phone, and clients are encouraged to reach out any time. “We don’t want them to be festering with a question or a concern over a weekend,” he says. 

As a builder of move-up homes, Belmonte says Belmonte Builders strives to provide clients with luxuriously appointed spaces. Particularly in the empty-nester market, clients are looking for homes that aren’t necessarily larger than their previous homes, but make better use of their space. “In any size home, people are looking to make their homes more feature-rich,” Belmonte says. 

Overcoming Obstacles

Belmonte Builders says its goal is to build homes “as individual as you are,” and that means its custom home division pays close attention to what clients want. In recent years, however, Belmonte says the company has also had to pay attention to clients’ needs stemming from the recession. Not only do many of its clients have tight financial constraints, but many of them also have scheduling issues related to the sale of their previous homes. 

Fortunately, Belmonte Builders is ideally suited to meet these needs, Belmonte explains. He says the company’s relatively small focus and hands-on approach give it the ability to concentrate on every aspect of a client’s project and work directly to solve problems. Belmonte says the key to the company’s continued success will be making sure it continues to pay attention to those qualities as well as its new initiatives. “We’re going to continue to move forward and make new strides in our affordable luxury line,” Belmonte says.

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