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McCormack Contracting Inc.


In Manhattan, it’s important for residents to feel like they have carved their own personal sanctuary out of the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape. For many of these residents, that means putting time and effort into making their apartments fit them perfectly. Since 1995, McCormack Contracting Inc. has been helping apartment dwellers throughout Manhattan create personalized spaces that cater to every aspect of their lives. 

In a marketplace as crowded and busy as New York City, a contractor has to do a lot to stand out from the rest of the pack. Operations Manager Conor Lynam says McCormack Contracting has accomplished that through its strong adherence to quality construction and attention to detail. The details ultimately are what make up a customer’s satisfaction, Lynam says, and so McCormack Contracting makes sure it leaves nothing to chance before getting started on a project. 

The company was founded by brothers Aidan and Eada McCormack, and since then it has completed numerous successful projects throughout the New York City metropolitan area. The company’s focus is on renovating and building luxury interior spaces for apartment residents, which means McCormack Contracting works with some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the city. “We work for architects as a general contractor,” Lynam says. “Our typical service is high-end residential interior fit-outs.”

Even though the New York City metro area is one of the most fiercely competitive construction markets in the world, McCormack Contracting has carved out a special place for itself among the myriad competitors. Lynam says that as long as the firm remains focused on doing what it does best and delivers an exemplary experience for clients, the future looks bright.

Start to Finish

McCormack Contracting works with architects to see a project through from start to finish, and the company believes strongly in getting off on the right foot. That’s why Lynam says the company devotes a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the project is properly planned and budgeted before a single thing is done at the job site. “I think what sets McCormack Contracting apart is that in our pre-construction stage we put a lot of emphasis on it,” he says. “We really dissect the drawings, we really want to be fully qualified, and we really want to protect the client as best as possible.”

The company’s pre-construction services include estimating, budgeting and cost analysis, and McCormack Contracting emphasizes the thorough, meticulous approach it takes with each of these steps. Lynam says that by paying close attention to the details early in the process, the company can eliminate headaches for clients right away and ensure a smooth process for the residents. “Pre-construction is where we feel we protect ourselves and protect the client so it is good for all parties involved,” he says. 

Keeping Clients Happy

Making sure McCormack Contracting has the right people on the job is one of the company’s biggest challenges, according to Lynam. Not only is it difficult to find quality people in a highly competitive market such as New York City, but McCormack Contracting is growing all the time, making the demand even greater. “In the New York area, it’s extremely busy at the moment,” he says. 

Nevertheless, McCormack Contracting continues to gain in the marketplace. Lynam says the company works with new architects all the time, and has been doubling in size almost every year over the past few years. “The main thing is to get the job completed on time and within budget and above all making sure every client is happy with McCormack Contracting’s end product,” Lynam says.