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North Ridge Development Corp. – Serenity Pointe III


For more than 30 years, North Ridge Development Corp. has cultivated a strong reputation for building high-quality homes throughout Saskatchewan. Therefore, it was no surprise when the company received word that its Serenity Pointe III development in Saskatoon had been selected as a finalist for Best Multifamily Project in the Canadian Home Builders Association SAM Awards. 

Nevertheless, Vice President of Operations Errol Fisher says the nomination is a point of pride for the company because it highlights Serenity Pointe III’s status as a high-quality yet affordable housing development in an area where the need for such a project was great. “We knew it was unique, and we think it’s pretty special,” Fisher says.

Serenity Pointe III reflects North Ridge Development’s commitment to offering homebuyers the maximum product at the best price. Since the company’s inception in 1982, North Ridge Development has become well-known for the high quality of its construction, no matter whether the project is a million-dollar custom home or an affordable multifamily development. 

Regardless of whether or not the project wins at the SAM Awards, North Ridge Development is excited to be recognized on the national stage for the high-quality work it has done on Serenity Pointe III. Fisher says the company’s attention to detail and dedication to giving homebuyers the most for their dollar has made it one of the province’s most respected developers. “It’s all the little things we have in this project that caught their attention,” he says. 

Full Features

Serenity Pointe III is an affordable housing development located in Saskatoon’s booming Stonebridge area. The development will consist of six buildings once completed, with two buildings already completed and sold out and a third nearing completion this summer. Serenity Pointe III features apartment-style one-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-bedroom-plus-den condo units ranging from 626 to 970 square feet. The project is part of the province’s HeadStart on a Home program, which incentivizes the construction of entry-level residential properties. 

However, being affordable housing doesn’t mean that Serenity Pointe III doesn’t match higher-end developments in terms of amenities. Each unit includes a large deck, air conditioning, laminate floors and in-floor heat, among other features. The buildings also feature heated enclosed parking as well as additional surface parking for visitors or for owners to purchase. Fisher says high-efficiency mechanical systems and maintenance-free exteriors help keep the costs of ownership down and allow Serenity Pointe III to offer buyers many upgraded features. “It still has good amenities but at a very affordable price, and it is a very economical building to operate for the end-users,” Fisher says. 

Devoted to Quality

According to Fisher, the biggest challenge North Ridge Development faced on the Serenity Pointe III project was the condition of the soil, which prevented the developer from building an underground parking garage it had planned for the property originally. To counter this problem, the developer used wood piles and built the parking garage partially below grade, then brought the grade level up to surround it. 

The development’s third building will be completed by July, and Fisher says work has begun on the foundation for the fourth building, to be completed by early spring 2015. 

The key to North Ridge Development’s success over the years has been the company’s devotion to quality work, Fisher says. At the outset of a project, the company’s in-house design department utilizes the latest in 3-D computer modeling to design projects quickly and precisely.

The developer’s quality assurance program consists of inspections at 10 stages during construction and before turning units over to homeowners, more than 300 distinct items are inspected. The quality of a North Ridge Development home is also due to its long-term relationships with key subcontractors, some of which have worked with North Ridge for more than 25 years, the company says. 

If problems arise with a North Ridge Development home in the first year, the company covers it with a one-year comprehensive home warranty. Additionally, the company’s Customer Care Warranty Program includes scheduled service calls. 

North Ridge Development’s fastidious commitment to giving homebuyers as much for as little as possible is one of the primary reasons Serenity Pointe III is up for a SAM Award, Fisher says, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why the company continues to be a success. “We don’t sacrifice anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s affordable or high-end,” Fisher says.

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