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Radd Builders


Walter Radd understands what’s on the line for his customers and he cares about their dream. He knows many of his clients have saved their hard-earned money to be able to make this dream happen. When clients come to Radd Builders, they are entrusting Radd and his team with one of the biggest investments of their lives and Radd takes that responsibility to heart.

“They find us and we design their house and build it,” Radd says. “We build custom homes all over Hillsborough County not just in one development or area. They save up a long time for something like this, so we want to give them a quality home.”

Radd literally grew up in the construction industry working in the family concrete business. Radd realized early on that working in the hot Florida sun was not what he wanted to do long-term. So working with his dad he built his first house while still in high school. Eventually he got his license and then started Radd Builders about 25 years ago. Now Radd and his loyal support staff consistently build 20 to 30 homes each year.

“We work closely with the customers and do everything in-house from the preliminary design, color coordinating and the final design,” Radd says confidently. “We then have trades who work with us to build the home.” This process keeps everything streamlined and customized to the customers’ personal best interest, he notes.

Open to Change

When the clients come to Radd Builders, everything begins by evaluating the land. Next Radd brings in existing plans for the customers to peruse and then modify to meet their individual specifications and needs. Once the plan is approved a deposit gets the ball rolling.

“I have trades that I work with and many of them have been on my team for more than 10 years,” according to Radd. “My field supervisor coordinates and oversees the jobs. We have evaluated our subs by word-of-mouth and primarily by the quality of their work. 

“These guys are professionals and my expertise is piecing all of those parts together to meet the needs of our customers,” he adds. “I stand behind the final product and everything they do, so I work with trusted partners.”

In today’s economy, many customers have scaled down the size of their homes while Internet and television shows have made them more aware of ways to enhance a home with available options. Radd acknowledges this trend and states “Customers come to us because we let them change things. National builders won’t let them do that. They can say they want this room bigger or that closet bigger and we deliver for them.” Radd also says his homes provide excellent detail, are energy efficient, eye-appealing, and have kitchens that are well thought out. Everything for the client.

Pride In Longevity

Radd Builders is constructing a new model but he isn’t planning to expand from the current output of 20 to 30 homes each year. He is comfortable with his staff size and wants to be sure to maintain the company’s quality. “Our longevity is really something to be proud of,” he says. “The fact that we survived the recent downturn and we’re still here as a small builder, that is very big. We take pride in what we do and it shows.”