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Baydo Development Corp.


Unlike most companies working in residential construction, Baydo Development Corp. does it all. “Basically, we do design, construction and everything else,” president and CEO Yufeng Wang says. “That is fairly unique in our industry. We do everything from concept to finished product. Our business model is different from most developers.”

As a developer, Baydo also has its own in-house construction expertise, employing concrete crews for slabs and licensed teams for underground and sewer work. 

The company also has a sales department and employs four full-time structural, mechanical and electrical engineers as well as four architectural designers. Wang himself has a Ph.D. in structural engineering from University of Saskatchewan. 

Founded in 2010, the company constructs upmarket condominium and townhouse developments. 

High-End Market

“The townhouse market is very strong,” Wang says. “We offer a very unique product. At 1,800 square feet, we have the largest townhouses available in the Saskatoon. This market is not very big. [Ours] is a special and unique product; nobody else competes with us.”

One of Baydo’s competitors, the biggest townhouse developer in the area, builds hundreds of townhouses each year. However, they are smaller – typically about 1,200 square feet – and lower-priced to appeal to more customers. 

“Because of their lower price, they produce many more units. We chose not to compete for that market,” Wang explains. “Our townhouses are bigger than the majority of homes here. They have large master bedrooms and walk-in closets because these families need more space.” Baydo’s townhouses typically start at about $350,000 to $400,000, well above the median home prices in the area but appealing to higher-end buyers. 

Baydo customers enjoy the maintenance-free features of condo and townhouse living, Wang says. “They don’t want to have to do the maintenance such as caring for the yard and removing snow in the winter, so we provide this,” Wang says. “Most people don’t mind this, so our group is special; they are a high-end target.”

Prices have been rising along with the population in the region. Baydo has also been selling more units in recent years, and is therefore considering an expansion into Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Building Baydo Place

Baydo is constructing Baydo Place in Saskatoon, consisting of 116 residential units and 34,000 square feet of commercial space. “It is coming along pretty well,” Wang says. “We’ve already finished the underground parking for the two phases and the two-story framing stage for the first building.” The first phase of the project is scheduled for completion in September 2015, while phase two is scheduled for completion in May 2016.

Baydo’s current projects include the 30-unit Forest Ridge townhouse development and the 16-unit Juniper Ridge in the area. At Forest Ridge, units include basements, 9-foot main floor ceilings, granite or quartz countertops, glass-tile backsplashes, natural gas fireplaces, fenced-in backyards and large master suites. All units are 1,800 square feet. Another Baydo townhouse project, the Stonegarden development in Saskatoon, consists of 48 townhouses ranging from 1,455 to 1,701 square feet. 

As a condo development, Baydo’s mixed-use Gateway Plaza at Willowgrove Square differs from the others here by including 48 residential units and 24,500 square feet of retail space. 

Engineering, Service Excellence

To maintain its success, Baydo relies on exceptional engineering and responsive customer service. “Baydo Development aims to provide clients with the highest-quality homes in the industry,” the company says. “Many materials that would be considered upgrades elsewhere are standard in our homes. 

“But just using the best materials is not enough,” it continues. “We ensure that our homes are built to the highest industry standards through our quality-control program, [which] consists of detailed inspections at every stage of the construction process.”

Baydo says a project management team inspects every stage of construction of its properties. “Once our homes are built,” the company says, “our project management team will complete a final walk-through with our clients.”

Baydo maintains that it provides the best customer service. “If there is ever an issue with our homes, clients can rest assured that one of our team members will resolve the issue quickly,” it says. “We realize that our clients are the most important part of our business and our customer service will reflect that.”