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Designs are often created online, clients and partners are interacted with online, but can someone learn design online? New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) believes at least the basics can be understood on the Internet with the launch of its first full online program: a one-year basic interior design (BID) certificate.

NYSID launched the program in August. The one-year online program aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the field of interior design. Students are not required to submit a portfolio for admission to the BID program, but NYSID stresses the online program provides the same rigorous education offered with the onsite BID certificate, although with greater flexibility. 

“NYSID prides itself on providing various options for studying at the college, whether it’s full- or part-time study, undergraduate or graduate programs, or pre-professional or professional degrees,” says David Sprouls, NYSID president. “Now we are offering one more – the ability to get a NYSID education from anywhere in the world.”

The school stresses that its teachers are teaching every online course and the curriculum and learning goals are the same as the onsite courses. NYSID notes, however, that students can study on their own time and at their own pace. They can watch recorded lectures and demonstrations 24/7, participate in active discussions with fellow students and the instructor, and access handouts and assignments whenever it is convenient for them. 

The BID certificate consists of 10 courses, which make up the foundation of the college’s undergraduate degree programs:

    Historical Styles I
    Basic Drafting
    Color for Interiors
    English Composition I
    Visual Concepts
    Historical Styles II
    Textiles for Interiors
    Residential Design I
    Design Process

According to NYSID, BID credits may be applied to one of NYSID’s undergraduate degree programs, such as the Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Fine Art. Although online courses have been offered in other fields, this type of online learning program is relatively new to the field of interior design; many other of the top schools in the field – such as Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, School of the Art Institute Chicago and California College of the Arts – do not yet offer online learning in their interior design programs. 

NYSID first introduced selected online courses in fall 2013 through its Institute for Continuing & Professional Studies. 

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