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Four Reasons a 5-D BIM Will Save You Time and Money



By Hany Elbanna

Ask any member of the construction community for two words that are must crucial to the success of a project and they are likely to give the same answer: time and money. In an industry where finishing a job ahead of schedule and under budget is crucial, it is important to keep up with current trends and cutting edge technologies. Currently, one of the construction scheduling industry’s most important new technologies is the 5 Dimensions Building Information Model (5-D BIM), a process that converts two dimensional drawings into three-dimensions. This process’ output displays a timeline that dictates when each phase of a project should be completed while also calculating updated project costs. Why is this technology so important? Simply put, it has the ability to save construction schedulers time and money. There are four main benefits:

1.)   Clash Prevention – Onsite organization and subcontractor scheduling is one of the more trying day-to-day worries. By employing a 5-D BIM, delays, potential design changes, and additional material costs due to schedule clashing can be avoided.

2.)   Workflow Management – A 5-D Building Information Model provides precise scheduling which gives project managers the opportunity to identify potential setbacks and implement appropriate supply chain and materials management.

3.)   Offsite Efficiency and Pre-Fabrication – Of all of the benefits offered by the complex 5-D BIM, perhaps the most important is the acutely accurate pre-construction visual of the finished project that will result. With this information, contractors can reduce waste, ensure accurate delivery of components, and improve on quality control by utilizing off-site fabrication of various project pieces.

4.)   Enhanced Communication – When a construction scheduler plans their project with the assistance of a 5-D BIM, the accuracy of the project’s plan and the plan itself become a singular goal that every team can clearly understand. A construction schedule that is developed by skilled specialists utilizing this technology can be a project manager, contractor, construction scheduler, or consultant’s greatest ally. In a constantly evolving industry, 5-D BIM is an important tool for construction schedulers. Its complexity and accuracy are invaluable when the saving of time and money is paramount, and adopters of this technology continue to see results.

Hany Elbanna is the president of HSE Contractors, a specialized CPM consulting firm, with multiple locations in the United States. They work on submittals for mega construction projects, time impact analysis and change orders management.

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