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Renovation Trends


Renovation trends are constantly evolving, making it difficult for remodelers, contractors, builders and other professionals to keep up with the latest and greatest in today’s market.  Unsure clients whose personal tastes and preferences get in the way of which renovations will actually increase value can make the job even tougher. 

But there doesn’t have to be a compromise between adding value and also matching a homeowner’s personal style. Professionals can assist clients during the renovation process by suggesting some of the following home renovation trends that add style and boost home value.  

Less is more in the kitchen 

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. It often connects the living and dining spaces and is almost always the favorite gathering spot for family and friends. Homeowners are picking up on this pattern, and are tearing down and bumping out walls to get rid of barriers. REALTOR Magazine listed open layout kitchens as a top housing trend for 2015, citing that younger demographics want a feeling of simplicity and intimacy in the home.  What started out as a trend a decade ago is becoming a main component of modern homes. 

Additionally, many homeowners are leaning towards contemporary, minimalistic kitchens that include sleek or even no handles on cabinets, drawers and appliances. A sleek and simple kitchen will also prove valuable if the homeowner ever decides to sell. Potential buyers view the simple kitchen as a clean slate that can be easily altered to fit their tastes.  

Outdoor living 

The California Association of Realtors reported that 54 percent of women and 46 percent of men say their top attribute in a home is an outdoor living space. Both men and women are seeing the outdoor space as an extension of their home and want to create an environment for leisure and relaxation. 

Deck additions are increasingly being planned by homeowners and provide a strong return on investment. While this may be out of a client’s budget, adding garden sitting areas, outdoor dining spaces and fire pits are other great ways for homeowners to spruce up their yards and also add value. 

No more beige 

Gray is the new shade of preference because it provides a neutral backdrop for homeowners to mix and match with pops of color, wall art and more. Money-savvy homeowners are opting for gray because they can easily change the feel of a room by swapping accessories with bright pops of color instead of taking on another painting project in the future. Visit any major paint provider’s website or store, and versions of gray will be in the trending colors for 2015. 

Gray is being used in all rooms in the house, so be prepared to have swatches of different shades of gray on hand when meeting with clients. You may want to think about bringing a sample of complimentary colors, like coral, soft blues and yellow, to show clients how to energize rooms with new color combinations.  Shades of gray with undertones of blue and green are also popular choices. 


Quartz countertops are overtaking granite in kitchens and bathrooms due to its many favorable qualities. Quartz is just as durable as the once-popular granite, but does not chip or scratch as easily and resists stains much better than granite because it is non-porous. Quartz can be manufactured in a large variety of colors, allowing homeowners to play into their personal tastes and existing home décor. 

Square-edge counters are also a popular choice for homeowners and fall under the trend of “less is more” kitchens. A basic square profile will keep a countertop looking clean-lined and simple. If a client is looking for a thick statement piece, square mitered countertops are complimentary for both traditional and modern homes and can be a great addition to make countertops the focal point of the kitchen. 

These four trends are adaptable to fit a homeowners’ varying tastes while avoiding cookie-cutter house styles. Use these trends as a starting point when deciding on renovations with clients, but be wary of renovation trends that seem over-the-top. These are likely to turn into fads, leaving the homeowner unhappy and decreasing the home’s future value. 

Cannon Christian is a licensed real estate broker and president of Renovation Realty, a full service residential renovation contractor and real estate brokerage with offices in San Diego and San Francisco. The company adds monetary value to customer homes by using its own capital to renovate the property before placing it on the market for sale as the listing brokerage, with no out-of-pocket costs to the homeowner. For more information, visit www.renovationrealty.com.

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