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Designer Glass Specialties


Jeff Benson began working with glass at a young age, helping out in his parents’ decorative glass studio in California. His duties evolved from cutting glass panels to learning all other aspects of the business, including product design and development. 

Benson continued to hone his craft after moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area 20 years ago. He initially started his own decorative glass company, J & L Glassworks, along with his wife, Lynne. Jeff and Lynne Benson brought a single employee, Jordan Lively, into the business as an apprentice in 2004. After selling J & L Glassworks to a local glass company, the three continued to work together with interior designers and custom home builders for more than eight years before joining forces together with Josey Parks to form Designer Glass Specialties, in 2012.

Today, the three take advantage of their more than 40 years of combined experience to offer customers high-quality and unique decorative glass pieces such as mirrors, cabinet door inserts, shower enclosures and countertops. The company has the capability to design, craft and install its pieces and regularly meets with customers during consultations and site visits. “You give us an idea, we’ll make it happen,” Lively explains. 

The company’s customers include homeowners, business owners, interior decorators, homebuilders and office designers in Dallas, Fort Worth and other communities in the surrounding area. “We take pride in the relationships we build with our clients,” Lively adds.

Benson says the company gives him an opportunity to use skills he’s honed for more than 30 years. “I still find myself intrigued and excited about developing new ideas while still practicing ‘old school’ hand-crafted techniques,” he says.

Unique Offerings

Designer Glass Specialties performs all crafting and production processes including sandblasting, etching and slumping in-house. The company can produce glass pieces in various sizes and textures. Large pieces such as durable glass countertops used in wet bars or kitchen islands are created in an oversized kiln built by Benson and dubbed “The Monster.” “This gives us the ability to bend and manipulate glass and offer a product that is specific to our company,” Lively says. 

One unique product offered by the company is a textured “moon glass” that can be used on countertops and other large-sized products including shower doors and cabinet glass inserts. The company offers countertops and mirrors illuminated with LED lighting. The company’s capabilities and the dedication of its employees also distinguish the company from its competitors. Much of its business is by referrals and word of mouth.

Designer Glass Specialty intends to further grow its business by increasing the number of design firms it works with. Additionally, the company wants to get more examples of its work in local showrooms and home shows. Regional expansion is also a possibility for the company, with the Austin, Texas, market in particular under consideration. 

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