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Few building materials come with as many technological advantages as those developed and manufactured by Inteplast Group Building Products, part of Inteplast Group, one of the nation’s foremost manufacturers of polymer-based products. Some of the company’s most versatile product lines are its wide range of beautiful exterior and interior mouldings and millwork, which are builder-friendly and virtually maintenance-free. 

Inteplast Group Building Products manufactures a wide range of products many builders are familiar with, including TUFboard® solid cellular PVC deck, porch, siding, fascia, trim, moulding, sheet, and millwork; and the distinctive, design-oriented IP Moulding line of prefinished moulding for interiors. All of these products are sold nationwide and are available through dealers, distributors and retailers.

At first glance, TUFboard and IP Moulding are indistinguishable from products manufactured from wood. However, they deliver numerous attributes beyond those offered by traditional materials.  

TUFboard and IP Moulding are “ready to go” in a variety of profiles and sizes that inspire creativity. No painting or sanding is required. They also offer significant long-term savings, as they are low-maintenance and protect against moisture and insects. 

Mike Hwang, vice president and general manager of Building Products, says TUFboard’s popularity can be attributed to how much easier it makes building or owning a home. “TUFboard products are made with cellular PVC technology for both interior and exterior applications, and are used by residential and commercial markets,” Hwang says. 

“TUFboard building products do not have the issues of rotting, splitting, water absorption, peeling paint or termites that occur with traditional building materials,” he explains.

quality manufacturing

Inteplast Group Building Products has exceptionally high manufacturing standards and a strong history of delivering outstanding and consistent product quality. 

The company’s high standards would not be possible without the knowledge base Inteplast Group has in polymer-based technology and the production of engineered building materials. “Our company is a true pioneer of cellular PVC and engineered building products,” Hwang says. “We started manufacturing engineered building materials more than two decades ago and have experience built on research, development, testing and proven performance.” 

Inteplast Group manufactures TUFboard brand products at its state-of-the-art plant in Lolita, Texas. 

“We use the latest, most innovative technology, including advanced automation and computerization,” Hwang says. “Our plants have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is the international stamp of quality manufacturing, and our strong management and technical teams provide first-rate in-house support.”


For builders, Inteplast’s focus on quality means satisfied customers, something every construction professional can appreciate. Without question, TUFboard offers versatility that meets the needs of modern architecture. 

In today’s real estate market, building exteriors frequently require upgrades or refurbishments to make them livable, salable or lease-worthy. The areas that require upgrades often feature wood or other short-lived materials that are prone to decay and damage from weather and insects. Since TUFboard is resistant to these factors, it is easy to understand why its use is becoming more established and a standard practice for many builders.

“Cellular PVC trim is the best alternative to decorative wood trim. Our cellular PVC can be cut, milled, shaped, and routed just like wood,” Hwang says.

TUFboard trim boards and sheets are available in both the Craftsman and Professional Celuka series for the ultimate surface protection. A wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths are offered, including corner boards, window surrounds, beadboard – you name it. 

Appealing Advantages

“The process used to make our cellular PVC product allows for milled edges that are smooth. TUFboard never needs sanding or painting and it’s easy to custom finish. TUFboard is the perfect replacement for wood in most non-structural, non-load-bearing applications such as deck edges, stair risers and other exterior components,” Hwang explains. 

TUFboard is lightweight and easy to work with in comparison to traditional wood products. It is offered in a smooth finish with a sealed-edge profile on all four sides, and in wood-grain boards that retain their wood-grain look even after being heat-treated, Hwang confirms. 

TUFboard moulding is designed to complement the product line’s trim boards and is available in a wide array of profiles and sizes, allowing for innumerable architecturally appealing interior and exterior applications. 

interior options

Craig Miles, director of marketing and sales for Inteplast Group’s IP Moulding, explains that using prefinished IP Moulding in a home’s interior provides a hedge against rising labor costs by allowing installers to skip the sanding, priming and painting stages. 

In addition to being easier to install than traditional moulding, IP Moulding’s products withstand the elements better than wood.

“It is engineered to stand up to high-moisture environments that bring out the worst in traditional wood,” Miles says. “This saves the builder money by reducing call-backs. It affords the builder opportunities to sell moulding as an upgrade in places where that would not normally happen.” 

Design Versatility 

IP Moulding features one of the widest arrays of colors and profiles in the marketplace, Miles explains, including Crystal White® and more than 14 different wood-grain finishes ranging from mahogany to white oak. 

“With all the options our line offers, including more than 40 profile shapes for walls, ceilings, floors and doorframes, customers can create everything from beautifully simple to awe-inspiring designs, all without breaking the bank on material costs,” Miles says.  

“We keep the line up-to-date on an ongoing basis. We just launched two new trim and moulding colors, Whiskey Maple and Independence Cherry. This summer, we are launching a door trim kit and a window trim kit to save builders time and money,” he adds.

Miles reaffirms the company’s commitment to quality, USA-based manufacturing. 

“IP Moulding’s Indiana facility has been refining its quality and testing procedures for more than a quarter-century, and the result is the most stringent quality guidelines and the finest engineered interior moulding product in the marketplace,” he says. 

The rising interest in green building has also contributed to the success of Inteplast Group Building Products. Using IP Moulding reduces the dependency on wood used in new construction. Miles says it allows builders to give homeowners the traditional beauty of hand polished wood mouldings without the impact that producing long-lengths of clear mouldings can have on the environment.

Looking Forward

The future certainly looks bright for Inteplast Group Building Products. “More and more builders are choosing our durable, lightweight, low-maintenance engineered building materials for interior and exterior finishing,” Hwang says. “They save time and money, and the market recognizes the advantages of our TUFboard limited lifetime warranty.” 

“Our strong and long-term relationships with suppliers, dealers, distributors and retailers provides stable, sustainable and competitive capability in the market,” Hwang adds. “Our customers know they can rely on us for consistent quality, product availability, and even more exciting new products going forward.” 

Both IP Moulding and TUFboard feature in-depth product information, product locators, and beautiful photography of their inspirational product applications on their websites. 

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