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JCorp inc.


JCorp inc. avoids making mistakes on its projects and hoping for second chances to get things right. “Our integrated team of in-house designers and construction managers work to do it right the first time, saving our customers both money and time,” owner and Principal Duane E. Jensen says.

Huxley, Iowa-based JCorp provides architectural, structural, construction and engineering services for single and multifamily, mixed-use, office and retail, civic and religious, and industrial projects. A more than 30-year industry veteran, Jensen started the company 15 years ago when he was looking to expand his career path.

“I have a more extensive background in design,” he explains, noting that he moved back to Iowa where he grew up to include construction in his daily activities. JCorp today employs a staff of 15 and enjoyed sales of $23 million last year. “We are providing a unique service in the design and construction world,” Jensen says, “to return and referral clients by delivering projects on time and within and often below budget.” 

JCorp manages this with a staff that has worked on hundreds of projects and carries expertise in design and aesthetics, planning and function, and cost and feasibility. They are personable, as well, Jensen adds. “We have good relationships with subcontractors and suppliers,” he says. “Our goal is to build relationships with clients. We keep those relationships at the professional level first and the personal level second, which leads to a lot of repeat work.” 

Up to Date

JCorp keeps its operations state-of-the-art to meet customers’ expectations. “From the construction side, we use new technology [including] in our bidding, scheduling and communication systems with our subs and suppliers,” Jensen says.

“From the design side, clients certainly like to see everything in three-dimensions before they move forward,” he says. JCorp has met that need by utilizing building information modeling (BIM) in the early phases of schematic design.

BIM helps all parties understand the project. “It also allows the design team to the construct the project virtually before dirt is ever moved, and gives the capability to combine all consultants’ drawings in one model,” the company says. 

Staying Positive

After all these years, Jensen couldn’t be more proud of his employees, their commitment to quality and their perspective in keeping clients first. “Most of them started with our company right out of college, and have matured their careers within our group,” he states. “They have advanced well within their professions.”

JCorp’s prosperity will continue, he predicts. “I see the future as being positive [with] continued growth in both quality and quantity of projects, and our client base is ever expanding,” he states.  

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