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Foundation Building Materials – Texas Region


A strong building starts with the right materials, and since 2011 Foundation Building Materials has worked hard to supply builders across the country with the best materials for their projects, whether they are building new homes or commercial structures. According to President Ruben Mendoza, the company takes its name from the biblical references to building a house on a strong foundation, and today the company has a strong foundation of more than 70 locations across the United States. 

One of the company’s strongest markets is Texas, where National Regional Director Allen Fisher oversees Foundation Building Materials’ operations from its regional headquarters in Dallas. He says the company strives to live up to the principles put in place by Mendoza and the company’s other founders by creating a culture that emphasizes the personal connections between it and its builder customers as well as creating an environment in which success is the only option. 

Fisher says the company’s primary customer base in Texas consists of commercial contractors, although Foundation Building Materials also serves the residential side of the market to a smaller degree. He says the construction market in Texas usually is very busy, and so competition is almost always fierce. “Because of the competitiveness of the market, it compresses our margin opportunities, so we have to be very efficient in what we do in our business model,” Fisher says. 

Strong Culture

Although Foundation Building Materials offers contractors a wide selection of the best and most reliable building material brands in the marketplace as well as convenient locations across the country, Fisher says the company’s true advantage is less tangible. “Our people are the greatest strength that we have, and the culture we’ve created is that we’re very customer- and safety-focused,” he says. 

Fisher describes the internal culture at Foundation Building Materials as one wholly dedicated to ensuring customers come away from their dealings with the company completely satisfied, and that is something the company spends a great deal of time emphasizing with its employees. “One of our slogans is, ‘Failing our customers is not an option,’” Fisher says. 

The nature of the building materials market means that all suppliers sell virtually the same mix of products, which makes customer service by far the most important element of a supplier’s success. That is why Foundation Building Materials is careful to focus on recruiting and retaining the best and the most effective personnel, something that Fisher says its competitors also are keen to have. “When you have good folks, there are always folks who think they need them worse than you do,” he says. 

One of the biggest changes to happen within the building materials industry over the last several years has been consolidation, and Fisher says it has affected Foundation Building Materials’ suppliers and competitors alike. Fisher says many of the manufacturers who supply Foundation Building Materials with products have consolidated to become larger manufacturers, changing their relationships with Foundation Building Materials somewhat. Additionally, the consolidation among some of the company’s competitors has resulted in larger competitors with more resources. 

However, Foundation Building Materials has not been immune to the trend, either. The company has acquired numerous other suppliers from all over the country to serve new markets and strengthen its network. Most recently, Foundation Building Materials welcomed Great Western Building Materials into the fold, giving the company a presence in California and increased capacity for customers across the country.

Still Growing

Fisher says the strong internal culture of customer service within Foundation Building Materials has served it well over the last few years, and will continue to drive Foundation Building Materials’ growth throughout the United States. 

Fisher explains that as long as the company continues to focus on providing the best possible customer service in the industry, Foundation Building Materials will be able to add more locations to its operations and remain a supplier of choice for contractors in Texas and across the country. 

“We’re still in growth mode,” Fisher says. “I think we’ll grow into other markets in the region.” 

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