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Charney Construction & Development


Brooklyn has undergone a renaissance in recent years, with an influx of young creative people reshaping the borough to reflect a different type of lifestyle than in the past. As the neighborhood changes, it requires a developer and construction company capable of understanding the new look and feel these residents have brought to the area and translating that into properties that feel like a part of the area’s new flavor. All of that suits Charney Construction & Development well, according to Owner Sam Charney. He says the company’s combination of the two disciplines makes it ideally suited for the work it does throughout Brooklyn and Long Island City, N.Y. 

“The company is a development company and a construction company, so the advantage that we have over anyone else out there is our ability to fully integrate the design process into the building process and to be thoughtful and self-disciplined enough to value engineer along the way,” Charney says. 

In projects such as its newest development in Long Island City, 11-51 47th Avenue, Charney Construction & Development brings a wealth of construction and development experience as well as a willingness to work closely with its partners to help them make the best possible outcome for their projects. As Brooklyn and Long Island City continue to change, Charney Construction & Development is helping to move that process along with high-quality properties. 

Working With Partners

Charney says the company’s ability to value-engineer each project up front as well as intelligently design its projects from a feasibility standpoint gives it a substantial advantage over other developers in the area. Those qualities also give the company an edge when coping with rising land prices and construction costs. Both of these are symptoms of the success Brooklyn and Long Island City have experienced over the last several years, and Charney says the company is better prepared than most competitors to deal with them. 

“We are intelligently spending more time on bids with our subcontractors to make sure that everyone understands the specifications of what the job is,” Charney says. 

The company’s experience in development also means it can work with potential sellers and land owners to get them the best prices possible for their land in a joint venture while still being financeable for Charney Construction & Development. Charney says the company accomplishes this by deferring payments to the end of the project in some cases. 

Close Ties

The expertise of Charney Construction & Development can be seen in every project the company has completed over the years, including its latest project, 11-51 47th Ave. in Long Island City. Charney says the company is excited about the potential for the 11-story condominium development, especially considering how unique and challenging the work has been.

The 11-51 47th Ave. project consists of 56 residential units, 21 parking spaces and ground-floor retail space. Featuring a 24-hour doorman, a luxury fitness center, high-end appliances and natural stone finishes, the project represents a unique addition to the landscape of Long Island City. “The idea is really to have a product that is the type of luxury loft product that has existed in SoHo and Tribeca, but hasn’t really existed in the boroughs,” Charney says. 

The project’s exterior features an architectural concrete façade, which requires a lot of experience and skill to make work, but Charney says the company has the skill necessary to get the formwork done properly. “In the end, it yields a really beautiful industrial looking product,” he says. 

The corner of the property includes a subway entrance, so working closely with the MTA and all relevant city authorities has been a high priority, but Charney says the company has been able to keep things on track. The ground-breaking for the project was expected to be initiated by the end of October, and the entire project is expected to be completed by spring 2017.

The recent changes to Long Island City and Brooklyn have been a boon for many developers in the New York City metro area. 

“It’s really helped us because we have been based in the boroughs, and when people look to team up with a development and construction partner in the boroughs, they look to us,” Charney says, adding that Charney Construction & Development works well with these partners because of its open and honest approach to building bringing a transparency to the development and construction process typically uncommon throughout the industry.