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JMS Collective


JMS Collective brings luxury apartment living to New York’s Hudson Valley.

By Chris Petersen

The Hudson River Valley of New York has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country. So much so, that painters of the 19th century found the landscape so majestic and inspiring that they decided to settle there and start America’s first art movement: the famous Hudson River School. However, the success of a residential development in a region like the Hudson Valley requires more than stunning vistas. For any multifamily development to be successful, it not only has to take advantage of the surrounding splendor but also provide unique amenities and a lifestyle unlike anything else being offered in the area. That is where JMS Collective Business Manager John Perri says his company has the edge as it works to complete its latest development, The Falls.

Helping make The Falls a reality is the wealth of experience and expertise within JMS Collective. Perri grew up in the construction business as he watched his father, Mark Salomon, grow his company, 21st Century Development, into a highly successful builder of single-family homes throughout the region. Salomon serves as JMS Collective’s CEO, and Perri’s brother, wife and sister-in-law also hold leadership positions within the developer. Perri says the lessons he learned from watching his father visit every job site and count every 2X4 are a big part of the dedication and attention to quality with which JMS Collective approaches everything it does.

Perri says the Hudson Valley has been waiting for a development like The Falls, and once the project is ready for occupancy in late 2016, JMS Collective will have a project it can be proud of. By repurposing some of the area’s most architecturally significant buildings into a state-of-the-art community, JMS Collective is providing renters in the area with the best of both worlds.

Close Contact

Although the company has changed a lot since the days when his father conducted business with just fax machines and answering machines, Perri says JMS Collective has been successful by being easy to contact and work with, even in the age of cell phones and instant messaging. “I think our biggest advantage is our ability to react and move quickly with the environment,” he says.JMS Collective box

The company’s relatively flat structure is the key component of that accessibility, and Perri says that without the layers of management that many other developers have, JMS Collective can react as quickly or as thoughtfully as the situation demands. “There’s always a need to be able to make decisions sometimes on the fly, and sometimes thought out over a week,” he says. “There aren’t all these layers of people you have to be involved with [at JMS Collective].”

Resort-Style Living

JMS Collective’s strengths are in full view with the development of The Falls, a 116-unit rental complex consisting of two buildings in Greenport, NY, just minutes from Hudson, NY. Incorporating part of a historic schoolhouse building, The Falls will feature more than 190,000 square feet of apartment space and 20,000 square feet of amenities when it opens. But above all, Perri says, The Falls will provide residents with a “sense of belonging” that will make it a true community.

Perri says the development offers more of a resort feel than a typical apartment complex, with fireplaces, hardwood floors and sound-dampening insulation among the amenities found in each unit. In the common areas, The Falls offers a gym, a spa, two swimming pools, a dog run, a playground and numerous walking paths throughout the 22-acre site. JMS Collective has integrated the historic school building into the development, converting one former classroom into a lounge and another into a yoga studio.

The accessibility of JMS Collective will go a long way to contributing to that resort feel, Perri says, as the company believes strongly in attending to the needs of each and every one of its residents, which the company refers to as “guests.” “We like to use the word ‘guest’ because we really feel like we’re as attentive about their comfort as we would be of guests at home,” Perri says.

Still Growing

Already, more than 120 people have joined the waiting list for The Falls. The company has done little in the way of traditional marketing or advertising, its main efforts have been digital marketing: blogging and social media campaigns to draw attention to the project. The level of interest garnered speaks volumes about the quality of work the developer is putting into the project as well as the need for a project like The Falls in the community. In fact, Perri says, “our biggest challenge so far has been managing JMS Collective’s growth, to be comfortable in that growth,” adding that the company is on the lookout for the next generation of professionals that will help steer it in the right direction while fulfilling all of its obligations to its guests.

The rise of the millennial generation is something that bodes well for JMS Collective’s approach in the near future. Young professionals today don’t necessarily want to follow in their parents’ footsteps to home ownership, Perri says, preferring to rent in many cases, and historic properties that have been converted to lofts and/or apartments have particular appeal to them. With developments such as The Falls in its portfolio, JMS Collective is on the right track to serve this market in the Hudson Valley for a long time to come.