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Di Loreto Homes’ success in northern Nevada is due to its close attention to detail. By Chris Petersen

The key to the success of Di Loreto Homes can be traced back to one single idea, according to partner Tom Di Loreto. That idea is expressed in the company’s motto: “The difference between mediocrity and excellence is the attention to detail.” And a keen eye for detail is what sets the company apart in the northern Nevada market that includes Reno, where Nevada Tri Partners a Di Loreto Company is receiving rave reviews for its work on its master-planned community, Damonte Ranch.

The company has been in the business of building homes since 1976, when it built its first spec home in Walnut Creek, Calif. Although Di Loreto says the company experienced success in California, it jumped at an opportunity to set up shop in the booming Reno market in 1978. Over time, Di Loreto Homes became recognized as one of the premier homebuilders operating in the northern Nevada market, and Di Loreto says the company once built 760 homes in a single year.

As the company continues to work on bolstering its reputation as a high-quality builder in northern Nevada, Di Loreto says Di Loreto Homes is in a good position for greater success in the future. Although there are numerous builders on either end of the spectrum between luxury custom homebuilding and production homebuilding, Di Loreto says the company fits into a comfortable niche somewhere in the middle. In its work on Damonte Ranch and elsewhere, Di Loreto Homes demonstrates that attention to detail is truly a difference-maker.


Building Communities

The attention to detail Di Loreto Homes brings to each and every home it builds is especially crucial considering that the company does not focus on a singular market segment the way many builders do. Di Loreto says the company’s single-story homes appeal to multiple types of homebuyers, so it needs to be sure that its homes are able to suit the needs of practically everyone. “We have a pretty wide variety for what we’re building right now,” he says. “We don’t cater just to empty-nesters or families or retirees.”

The company’s position between custom and production homebuilding means that Di Loreto Homes is more capable of accommodating buyers’ special needs or wants for their new homes than a traditional production homebuilder would be. This flexibility has been a critical element of the company’s success, and Di Loreto says homebuyers appreciate the ability to influence the construction of their new homes. This also allows the company to respond faster to trends in the marketplace, such as the current emphasis on open floor plans.

Another factor working in the company’s favor is that Di Loreto Homes is a local builder. Di Loreto says being based in Reno means customers can work with the company confident that it will still be there to answer their questions or take care of anything long after they move in, and the company also has shown that it is dedicated to the community. As a result, the company’s strong reputation precedes it. “Our word-of-mouth is the best advertising that we’ve had in Reno, and we’re very involved in the community,” Di Loreto says. 

Another major differentiator for Di Loreto Homes is the fact that the company is certified as a green builder under the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) through Home Innovation Research Labs, a subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders. Di Loreto Homes built its first NGBS-certified green home at Damonte Ranch in 2012, and Di Loreto says the company continues to be at the forefront of sustainable home construction in Nevada. “We’re NGBS-certified and nobody else is,” he says. DiLoretoInfo

Planned for Success

Examples of the company’s philosophy and expertise can be found no further than Damonte Ranch, which is the crown jewel in the company’s portfolio and its largest-ever project. Di Loreto says the 1,700-acre property has been under development by Di Loreto Homes for more than 20 years, and it serves as the standard by which master-planned communities in northern Nevada are judged.

Located right in the “sweet spot” of northern Nevada, Damonte Ranch not only provides residents with the same high-quality homes Di Loreto Homes has become known for, but it also puts them within a short distance of some of Reno’s best amenities. From shopping and dining to boating and skiing at Lake Tahoe, Di Loreto says Damonte Ranch has something for everyone.

“It was one of the only master-planned communities in the area that survived the downturn of the market,” Di Loreto notes.

Di Loreto says the success of Damonte Ranch also has much to do with the company’s attention to the details in terms of contributing to the construction of a community. “We took the time to recognize the importance of dedicating land to the school district for a high school  We also dedicated land the City of Reno for a Fire Station and a community park,” Di Loreto says. “We think all those things are an important part of the master-planned community.”

On the Grow

In the near future, Di Loreto says the company is gearing up for some big changes coming to the Reno market. With industry on the rise in the city, experts are predicting that the current housing level in Reno will be inadequate for the incoming population.

Although Di Loreto says the company is excited by the possibilities, it won’t lose sight of the attention to detail that has made it a success so far. “We’ve been taking a slow, conservative approach to those challenges and making sure we don’t get overextended for the market,” Di Loreto says.

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