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Bluewater Home Builders


Bluewater Home Builders provides clients with a seamless and informative homebuilding process while bringing their visions to reality. By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Darren Andreoli and Bob Sprouls individually had made names for themselves building homes in the Westport, Conn., area before combining their resources to establish Bluewater Home Builders in 2009. “We saw an opportunity where one plus one equals three,” Andreoli says. “As a result of Bob and I joining forces, the business has grown substantially and we are able to bring our combined expertise and talents to serve a broader market.”

Today, Bluewater specializes in crafting superior luxury residential homes and custom new construction in lower Fairfield County, Conn., and Westchester County, N.Y. The company has received more than 30 HOBI Awards from the largest and most successful builder awards program in the country. The HOBI Awards recognize excellence in new construction, remodeling, sales and marketing, land development and home financing.

Building six to eight homes per year, Bluewater maintains its reputation by delivering top-notch home design and quality that is on budget and on schedule. “We are 100 percent referenceable,” Andreoli says. “We tell our clients they can point to any Bluewater home and contact the homeowner. We are customer-oriented and focus on customer service to make the journey of building a home an enjoyable process. We strive to have fun as we work with our customers in achieving the best design and quality.” 

Delivering the Vision

Bluewater is a customer-centric business, so listening to the client and working with designers are vital in ensuring homeowners get exactly what they want. “We find ourselves acting as facilitators between the customer, designer and architect,” Sprouls says. “Many customers who have seen our homes come to us without an architect. They share pictures with us from Houzz and Pinterest to start discussions, and based on these conversations we match them with the architect who we feel can best realize their vision.”


Once the company understands its clients’ visions, it assembles and oversees a team of experienced subcontractors to ensure their clients’ dreams become reality. An integral part of that team is the landscape architect who works to combine the home design with the outdoor living experience. “We focus not only on the interior space of the home, but the exterior space, as well. Both the interior and exterior must work together for a comprehensive and unified design,” Sprouls says.

Bluewater homes are built mostly along the beach area, so they have a strong appeal to homeowners looking for a higher quality of life and moving near the water. “We create lifestyles where the outdoors and indoors come together as one,” Andreoli says. “Our clients are empty nesters and people who appreciate the outdoors because we have the ability to extend the home interior to the exterior.”

During construction, Bluewater partners with a core group of subcontractors on every home and employs site supervisors to ensure projects are running smoothly. Senior Project Manager Izzy Quaranta has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry and oversees construction to ensure sites are running efficiently. Project Manager Wade Alix has spent most of his career focusing on upscale remodeling and homebuilding projects. “With his extensive training and experience in interior finishes, Wade understands that the small details matter,” the company says.

Design Elements

“At the core, Bob and I both have a strong ability to understand and appreciate good design,” Andreoli says. “Not only are we facilitating the process, but during both design and construction phases of our projects, we are constantly challenging and encouraging out teams while in communication with our customers to ensure we execute the vision of our customers to the best of our ability.” 

In each of Bluewater’s home, classic design elements can be found throughout the interior and exterior. The market trend today is transitional and modern colors, fabrics and textures. In addition, homeowners are also interested in building energy-efficient homes equipped with the latest technology. “We make sure all our homes take advantage of the technology available so people can run their homes from their smartphone, such as adjusting heating and security,” Sprouls explains. “The trends are toward more smart and efficient homes.”

Bluewater prides itself on making the design and entire homebuilding process seamless and informative for its clients. “We are transparent and go through the whole process with them,” Andreoli says. “We give them a schedule with the associated dates for them to decide on certain elements that have not yet been chosen, such as countertops. We have weekly meetings with our client and design teams where we set goals and follow-up on goals, and check in on the progress. It’s a very formalized process. Change orders are handled in the same professional manner.” BluewaterInfo

Mayflower Parkway

Bluewater’s Mayflower Parkway home exemplifies the company’s ability to deliver on design and quality, Andreoli says. “It has customized elements that make the home special,” he adds. “We try to be very thoughtful in our designs and come forward with new ideas and try to improve things. The design team thought of the little things that would make a difference in everyday life.”

For example, the home includes a charging station in the entry vestibule to the master bedroom so the homeowner can walk in and put down their keys, wallet, purse and charge their phone there. “It may not be the first thing you look for in a home, but it’s a little spot when you walk in that can be very useful,” Andreoli notes.

Mayflower Parkway’s kitchen has everything a cook needs from baking to coffee stations, as well as a walk-through pantry that allows access from opposite sides. Cooking needs can be kept on one side while snacks can be kept on the other to allow for easy access. A curved, built-in reading nook was designed on the second floor as a place to sit back and enjoy the day with a book.

To keep with its Bluewater stamp of rooms flowing from the interior and exterior, Mayflower Parkway features a covered porch that opens up to a terrace area in front of the pool. The backyard was on a slope, so to make it more user-friendly the company put in retaining walls instead of building a raised deck. “That would have been the easy way. We are trying to make the house user-friendly,” Andreoli says. “All these touches we feel add up and it becomes a greater sum. Integrating interior space with the outdoors, and defining ‘rooms’ for outdoor living, while creating a landscape that is appealing and functional is always the goal of Bluewater.”

The home is described as a modern take on a farmhouse. “The modern farmhouse design is incorporated throughout the interior, for example we used varied width vertical shiplap,” Andreoli adds. “You can feel all the elements of this farmhouse are very New England, clean and modern at the same time.”

Mayflower Parkway received four HOBI Awards this year, including Best Spec Home in the $3 million to $4 million range, Best Outdoor Room/Living Environment, Best Master Bath, and Best Entry/Entry Foyer. “We want to be known as being the go-to custom luxury home builder in our area that provides value, great design and quality, does what they say they are going to do, and have a few laughs along the way,” Andreoli says.