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Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling


Working closely with each client allows Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling to make a design build custom home or remodeling project dream a reality. By Stephanie Crets

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling has been making its clients’ home design dreams come true since 1992. “We have a very unique business model,” President Marty Morse says. “We’re able to listen to the needs of our clients and hold their hand along the way. From site development to turning the keys of the home over to the client, they only have to come to us.”

With a dedication to complete customer satisfaction in a family oriented environment, Morse Custom Homes matches clients to staff members who best suit their needs, giving them the best experience as they build their dream homes or complete their custom remodeling projects. “We get to know our client well because it could be anywhere from an 18-months to two-year relationship you’re engaged with,” Morse says. “It’s important to me that everything lines up to make that an enjoyable experience.”

Typical customers range from middle-aged to older partners, along with multigenerational families looking to build a home that will be part of a family for years to come. The company has also noticed an uptick in people relocating from the busy San Francisco Bay Area to Yolo, Solano and Sacramento counties in northern California.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to design and construct custom estate homes in the rural areas,” Morse explains. “The market in our area has shown an increase in interest in these residential properties that are in the beautiful setting of northern California. There are many unique opportunities to purchase your forever property around here and design and construct modern custom homes on these exquisite properties.”


Inside Look

Morse Custom Homes never sacrifices quality for its projects, maintaining high standards every step of the way so everything lasts for the client’s lifetime. “There are so many new products on the market that clients may want to use, but if it’s untested, we don’t want to use them in case they won’t hold up in 10 years,” Production Manager Dave Horne explains. “I have the opportunity to visit many of the homes we’ve done in the past, and I love to see how our cabinets, flooring and design still look. The finishes still look brand new. That, to me, is quality.”

Morse agrees, saying that if a client wants to build something with lower-end materials, Morse Custom Homes just isn’t the right builder for them. “We put ourselves in the position that we deliver a higher-end product,” he says. “It’s communicated with the durability of the materials and products we’re using. We want that house to be standing for generations to come. When we are building a custom home for a client, we don’t lower costs by specifying lesser-quality product.  We value engineer products and services to meet those high-quality expectations.”

Aside from ever-changing trends in flooring, backsplashes and surfaces, the biggest trend Morse Custom Homes has noticed in northern California is in designing homes for people to “age-in-place.” This includes curbless showers, open floor plans, easily accessible rooms, elevators for multi-level homes and home automation.

“There is a large population of people getting older and navigating their home, so the biggest issue becomes falling,” Morse explains. “Navigating a home effectively is a design challenge. You won’t even notice it when it’s done right. It will look classy with quality and aesthetically pleasing materials, but they’re designed for aging in place. There are many folks who want to live in a single-family home environment versus going into a home for assisted living.“ MorseInfo

“Marty is very particular,” Horne adds. “We figure out how something is going to look visually well before it is built. We think about everything before we do it. It’s all part of our service that we offer our clients.”

One of Morse Custom Homes’ design particularities is building within California’s strict energy requirements and green building ordinances. This becomes a challenge when regulating temperatures for its clients. While the winter can be quite mild, the summer heat is more of an issue.

To combat this, the company analyzes the times of day when the sun is highest in the sky and how the breezes from the Bay Area can be used to cool the home. Morse’s designs take advantage of the natural delta breezes by installing a mechanical air moving system from Big Ass Fans, an eight-foot-diameter fan with six blades engineered to circulate a large volume of air throughout the home.

“In our environment, we’re trying to maintain a cool house in the summertime without using a lot of electricity and keeping it comfortable during the winter with the insulation,” Morse says. “It’s fairly easy to get a good, warm home in the winter, but more challenging to get a cooler house in the summer. Our window shading analysis during design assists in keeping the home cooler during the hot summer.”

After months of hard work conquering challenges through design and construction, seeing clients take the keys to their new home from the Morse Custom Homes team gives Morse the most pride.

“When we evaluate the completion of a custom project, we put the emphasis on how happy our client is when we’re done,” he says. “For me, the most gratifying aspect of my job is to see our clients moving into their brand-new home; that feeling of a professional family working together for another family to provide them with this dream they’ve wanted. When we’re able to deliver everything they’ve wanted, and they’re happy, that’s a proud moment for me, my client and my employees.”

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