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Pecora Brothers


Pecora Brothers wants to perform for its customers the highest level of quality construction services at a fair and market competitive price. By Alan Dorich

When clients call, Pecora Brothers Inc. wants to convey the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness to all parties of the project team. Being able to communicate clearly and quickly to the client is a hallmark at Pecora Brothers Inc.

That might sound simple, but “it seems contractors have a tendency to not return phone calls,” Principal Joseph A. Pecora says. “It frustrates clients and it tends not to work out well for the contractor.” 

Clear and quick communication has worked out well for the Greenwich, Conn.-based company, which specializes in residential new construction and renovations. The Pecora brothers founded the firm in 1995, after Joseph A. Pecora worked as a commercial real-estate lender and workout specialist for regional commercial lenders and Sylvester J. Pecora, Jr. worked as a project manager and comptroller for large Westchester, N.Y., developers.

“We always wanted to work with each other,” the brothers recall.  Pecora Brothers, Inc. initially began as a spec homebuilder slowly expanding into the renovation business in Fairfield County, Conn.

“They had a real good feel for the local real estate market and spec homes that were in high demand from 1996-2007,” Project Manager Joseph Parlanti explains. “We had clients that would rather shop for a home back then, rather than doing the customization of a home.”

But when the 2008 recession occurred, “Spec homebuilding demand declined,” he says. “Joe and Sylvester had a feel of how they needed to change for the market. So we readjusted the company to more custom building.”


On the Cutting-Edge

Today, Pecora Brothers is highly regarded in its market for its professionalism as a construction manager. “Our clients really appreciate our service a smaller firm with a large firm mentality,” Parlanti says, noting that this includes a strong emphasis on clear and concise communication with the customers.

For example, Pecora Brothers maintains a website for each of its projects. Not only does this keep customers aware of changes, “[They] can see real-time communications going back and forth,” he says.

“We try to upload photos every day so they can see the progress,” Parlanti says. “This also benefits the site superintendents, who are in the field with laptops. The clients can log in and see what subcontractors were on site, what work was performed and read the work schedule for the week.”

This reflects the company’s desire to stay on the cutting-edge. “We’re always looking to invest in the technology side,” Joseph A. Pecora says. PecoraInfo

Coordinating Quality

Pecora Brothers’ culture is strongly focused on quality, thanks to the work of Sylvester Pecora and Joseph Parlanti. “Sylvester is responsible for all site work, including supervisors and Joseph is responsible for the administrative, legal and finance portions of the business,” Joseph A. Pecora says.

The company also immediately addresses issues when they occur. “We have a saying that ‘we don’t want to waste a day,’” he says. “’If we have an issue that comes up today, let’s deal with it today.’”

The Pecora brothers are proud of the company’s level of service. “We pay attention to what the customer needs and wants, and we try to fulfill that requirement,” he says. “We try to do it right and we don’t cut corners.”

He predicts steady, consistent growth for Pecora Brothers as the economy continues to recover from the financial crisis of 2008-2009. “When the market crashed, we chose to scale down and focus on custom residential renovations and new construction,” he recalls. “[We] were able to work through the financial crisis with our high-quality employees continuing to service our high quality customer base.” 

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