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TDMG Concordia Ltd.


TDMG Concordia’s success in the Turks and Caicos Islands is due to its commitment to quality, customer service and preparation. By Eric Slack

TDMG Concordia Ltd. is a leading company in the warm Caribbean today, but its roots go back to the mid-1990s in the much colder Great Canadian Northern Territories. Its Caribbean legacy was established in the mid-1990s, evolving from having very little experience in the market to becoming the leading construction company in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“TDMG has always quickly adapted to demand,” Director Yves Boulet says. “We are known for turning projects around fast. We have 5,000 square feet of office and storage space along with a two-acre yard including all heavy equipment, carpentry and painting shop. Logistically, we are well located at about three miles from the port and next to the airport runway.”

Thinking Ahead

TDMG knows that it can be a challenge to operate in an island setting as compared to a mainland operation, but that hasn’t stopped the company from building a reputation as a leading company in the region. Operating on island may be difficult, but TDMG believes that success stems from being ready for any challenge in order to meet deadlines and goals on time.

“We have always been the recommended construction company in terms of logistics and quality since this is the first step for a successful business on a remote island,” Boulet says. “Materials and orders are processed months beforehand in order to have everything on time. As we are buying various products worldwide, everything has to be planned several months ahead.”


Most of the company’s clients are investors or developers looking to have turnkey projects built in an island paradise. As such, TDMG takes on all sorts of projects, big and small, commercial and residential, condo and hotel.

“TDMG has been strongly established for years, and with our reputation there is not much selling needed,” Boulet says. “Returning clients are more than common, with some repeating business with us more than eight times.”

To make sure it can stay at the top of its marketplace, TDMG has built facilities to support its own growth. This allows it to be as self-sufficient as possible with most of the trades required in the construction of any project. It has also invested in purchasing and maintaining heavy equipment to support its jobs and not have to spend time waiting on equipment.

“Investing in a mechanical shop, woodworking shop, painting shop, storage, gravel and sand reserves, and many shipping containers help us to be ahead of the game,” Boulet says. “On an island, you cannot always find everything you need, so we must always make sure that we have back-up plans so we never get stuck.”

Strong ties to partners are also important. For example, TDMG works with an architect that has provided excellent work and helped the company to understand the tastes of various customers. “Modern and contemporary styles with Caribbean tastes are the big trend in the Turks and Caicos’ design at the moment,” Boulet says. “Being ahead of new tendencies and new construction techniques always provides us with advantages. As we work in close relationships with our clients and along with our architect, we can get jobs done on time to the benefit of the customer.” TDMGInfo

Ongoing Efforts

TDMG feels there are a number of decent projects on the horizon, although some are still in the very early stages. One of its latest projects is the Windchasers Villas development overseeing the Caicos banks on Long Bay. “We are very proud of this project, which is located at the best place in the world to kite surf and enjoy pristine beaches with shallow water and unmatched water color,” Boulet says.

So far, TDMG has built six villas with 16 more planned. The Windchasers Villas project will be the first project of its kind on the island, with 22 villas spread out across slightly more than 10 acres.

“The vision is to create the first low-density, modern-style and gated community on the island with affordable short-term and long-term rentals,” Boulet says. “This project has been and continues to be a very intense project, as we are working on very short and restricted schedules with short-term vacationers staying in the village all the time. We are also proud to say that this project was designed and developed by TDMG’s sister company, which made the perfect match to design and build the villas thanks to years of experience and knowing what people are really expecting when they stay with us.”

With decades of success in the Turks and Caicos Islands, TDMG is confident that it can continue to maintain its leadership position. The company knows it must always be on top of the latest construction techniques and new building designs so it can reduce construction costs and challenge itself to achieve new ways of building.

“As we are well known as the top-quality builder on the island, it is important for us to keep this reputation,” Boulet says. “Customer satisfaction is our goal and always has been. We are not looking to be the biggest construction firm. That has never been our goal. But we surely want to be the best in the industry.”

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