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Kellogg Brothers Inc.


Kellogg Brothers earns loyal customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations. By Alan Dorich

Kellogg Brothers Inc. not only focuses on building homes that will please its customers, but also on making the homebuilding process a pain-free experience. “It can be a very long and stressful time for the clients, with all the decisions to make,” President Tucker Kellogg says.

Sometimes, its customers live in an apartment “while they’re waiting for a home, size-wise, that fits their needs,” he says. “We try to make that as smooth and pleasant as possible.”

Kellogg’s grandfather started the Wilton, Conn.-based company in 1933. “His aunt happened to have a large amount of farmland in Darien and Rowayton, Conn.,” the younger Kellogg explains, noting that his grandfather used the land for building homes.

Today, Kellogg Brothers operates with the New England Yankee traditions of honesty and industry as it builds custom homes in southern Fairfield County, Conn. It sets itself apart with its attention to detail, Kellogg says.

“From the first meeting on, we try to get a feel for the clients, their expectations and do our best to meet them,” he says. “[We focus on] really catering to their needs.”

Keeping close to the customer also helps Kellogg Brothers adapt to changes they want to make. “Hopefully, we can forecast major changes before anything’s constructed, streamline and keep costs down,” Kellogg says. “But when they do come about, we’ll certainly go ahead, price a change order for them and get their approval before continuing.”


Team Attitudes

Subcontractors are a very important part of Kellogg Brothers’ business. “We really have a core group of subs that we use,” Kellogg says. “Sometimes any particular trade will have a couple, but we’ve got a long history with ours.

“All of our subs and employees have worked together on projects for many years,” he says, noting that this helps the company maintain a “team” environment. “We try to make sure everybody is on the same page and works together.

“Everybody just helps each other out, makes the process smoother and [gives us] a much better end result; we all take great pride in our work,” Kellogg says. “Most of us in the industry are here because we love what we do and we’re proud of what we do. Having a team that can come together with that attitude really results in a phenomenal final product.”

Satisfied Clients

Kellogg has a long history in his family’s company. “I grew up on job sites and worked summers and weekends for the family business,” he recalls, noting that he joined it full time 15 years ago. KelloggInfo

After the recession, he says, Kellogg Brothers’ volume of business shrank. “Every year, you can have a lot of calls for new projects, but sometimes it’s a little lighter on the calls and you have to search for the business,” he admits.

But that is where Kellogg Brothers’ repeat customers can help. “We’ve found that, historically, our clients are our marketing tactics,” he says. “Almost all of our business comes from referrals. Maintaining 100 percent satisfied clients keeps business flowing in.”

He predicts Kellogg Brothers will continue to succeed as it follows its business model of satisfying clients. “I see us going forward and not expanding much, but maintaining our core focus, which is to build [a few] exceptional homes, rather than a lot of average homes,” he says.