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Lepore and Sons LLC



Lepore & Sons’ new subdivision in New Hartford, Conn., will feature custom homes among serene and private landscaping.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

A commitment to excellence is the foundation on which custom homebuilder Lepore & Sons LLC was built more than 40 years ago and why it continues to remain successful in its second generation of ownership. “We are proud to carry on a tradition that’s been in our family for many years,” co-owner Steve Lepore says. “The company is built on hard work, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.”

Owners and brothers Steve and Jim Lepore have more than 30 years of experience each in homebuilding, construction, development and real estate. In fact, the brothers remember visiting job sites with their father at six or seven years old to help out and learn about homebuilding. “We both grew up with it and it became like second nature,” Jim says. “Homebuilding gets in your blood; we very much enjoyed it and still do.”                                

Based in Connecticut’s New Hartford and Old Saybrook towns, Lepore & Sons has not only built hundreds of homes throughout the state, but also develops one-of-a-kind subdivisions. “Even in our subdivisions, a majority of our clients come from referrals,” Steve notes. “Some clients we worked with decades ago and they come back to either buy another home or they referred other family members. Custom homebuilding has been our niche since forever.”

Constant Contact

As a fully integrated design/build firm, Lepore & Sons prides itself on delivering exactly what its clients want in their dream homes. “We listen to what they want and what they need and we basically create the project around that,” Steve explains. “We are very hands-on with our clients personally and we still work out in the field, which puts us in touch with our clients’ needs.”

Lepore & Sons’ clients are most often 35- to 55-year-olds who want maintenance-free homes with flair. As the company’s clientele ages, master bedrooms on the first floor are becoming a must-have. “We build homes for everyone, but younger people are holding off as far as buying a home and waiting longer than they used to in the area,” Jim says. “As we get older, maintenance-free is really a little something extra we find people like.”

The company molds its homes to fit the needs of its clients, whether they are looking for convenience, energy efficiency, sustainability or privacy. To ensure it delivers exactly what homeowners expect in their new homes, Lepore & Sons stays in constant contact. “Communication is most important,” Steve says. “We encourage our clients to be in contact by phone, text or email because that’s key. Most importantly, we welcome them on the site because it’s a custom home and they need to be involved.”

Lepore & Sons says client changes are part of the homebuilding process, but do require patience. “We don’t look at changes as a bad thing,” Jim says. “Things will change and we are reasonable when it comes to pricing those. We give our clients ample time to make choices during each stage of the homebuilding process so they don’t feel pressured or rushed into something.”

Design is the first step in Lepore & Sons’ custom homebuilding process. “It begins with communication and attention to detail,” the company says. “Each element of a project is important. For this reason, ample time is spent with clients to understand their needs and wants. Before any design is started, we generate a formal cost projection to ensure clients stay within budget.”

Evergreen Crossing

Located in New Hartford, Conn., Evergreen Crossing is Lepore & Sons’ latest project. It features nine private lots and lots of open space. “It’s called a conservation or open space subdivision,” Steve says. “We have donated half of the total acreage to the New Hartford Land Trust and the other half is for development. What that does is give us open space around the houses, keeps everything private and gives people an opportunity to enjoy the land.”

Evergreen Crossing is nestled in a wooded area offering scenic views from each lot that will never be impeded upon because the surrounding land is protected from development. Each lot size is consistent at about an acre, but the subdivision offers plenty of open space. Lepore & Sons is building three homes in the subdivision and has deposits on additional lots. “We are almost half filled up and we are excited about that,” Steve says.

Construction began on Evergreen Crossing in mid-2016 and the roadways were first to be completed. Lepore & Sons used sheet draining and swales to build the roads in Evergreen Crossing so rainwater is dispersed and sediment is removed by natural means. This has the lowest impact on the surrounding land, the company says.

Lepore & Sons says it has not encountered any major challenges on the development of Evergreen Crossing. To maintain consistent quality, Lepore & Sons works with the same subcontractors it has for more than 30 years and maintains a good rapport with the communities in which it builds. “We get along very well with the municipalities we work with and we have been part of the community our whole lives,” Jim says. “We like to keep that going and our reputation good.”

Moving forward, Lepore & Sons will continue to build custom homes and subdivisions throughout Connecticut while looking to grow its work in the multifamily sector. “We have several new residential projects in the works and that area continues to grow for us yearly,” Steve says. “We are looking to start some new build projects in the multifamily sector.”

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