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Biringer Builders showcases high-end luxury elements that inspire prospective homeowners.

By Tim O’Connor

Virginia’s Biringer Builders sees its subcontractors as an extension of itself. Each one is equally important to delivering the high-quality luxury homes the company is known for. “We’re very fortunate to have them,” Vice President John Waters says. “They build each house like it was their own.”

The approach has led to lasting relationships where Biringer Builders and its subcontractors are able to feed off each other’s success. “We try to create partnerships with our subcontractors so that many of them primarily work for us,” Waters says. “Our happy homeowner is their happy homeowner. If everyone is pulling together for that common purpose, that’s the best result we can achieve.”


Growing from Within

Biringer Builders’s caters to savvy customers who understand modern luxury. The company builds in many of the most prestigious communities in the Richmond, Va., metropolitan area, including Hallsley, the National Association of Home Builder’s Best Master Planned Community of the Year for 2017.

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Jim Biringer, Water’s father-in-law, started Biringer Builders in 1979 alongside a separate but complementary masonry business. “The customers appreciate that the Biringer name has had longevity – that’s it’s maintained an excellent reputation for decades,” Waters says, noting that the company is known for its honest way of doing business. “That’s the expectation: That we’re going to be forthright and build a high-quality home we’ll be proud of for years to come.”

“My father-in-law is really well-respected, a great guy,” Waters says. “He was much more an old school, handshake-type style.” Since taking over the day-to-day operations five years ago, Waters has balanced acting as the steward of that reputation while bringing his own methods to Biringer Builders. Waters has worked to grow the company by putting more systems in place and adding talent.

When Waters arrived at Biringer Builders in 2004, the company had only three employees. Today, it has 12 people, including an in-house sales team. “That allows those salespeople to know intimately everything about John’s homes,” Sales Manager Justin Calliott says.


The sales team and other personnel investments have contributed to Biringer Builder’s increased workload. The company built 29 homes in 2016. With an average sale price of $722,000, Biringer Builders was one of the most expensive custom homebuilders in the Richmond metropolitan market for the year. “In our market, that’s probably two-and-a-half times the average new home sales price,” Calliott says.

The higher-than-average value of a Biringer Builders home goes back to the company’s founding principles. Jim Biringer is a big proponent of curb appeal, designing many projects to feature brick and stone accents. “We feel like that is one of the things that sets us apart is our focus on design,” Waters says of that legacy. “We believe architecture is highly important. We focus on classic American styles of architecture.”

Biringer Builder’s portfolio includes homes done in the Craftsman, farmhouse, Georgian and Tudor styles. On the inside, the houses feature extensive trim and creative woodwork using different materials. Those luxurious details are matched outside with amenities such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and large porches. “We want to take that American classic architecture from the front all the way through the back,” Waters explains.

Modern Concepts

To ensure those designs don’t overwhelm clients, Biringer Builders constructs show homes to test ideas and help customers envision their own custom houses. The goal is to achieve a look that is tasteful for every audience. “People can walk through their houses and feel like they are coming home,” Calliott says.

Its show house in Moseley, Va.’s Magnolia Green community, built for a show in 2015, is a realization of the blending of classic exteriors with contemporary interiors and features. The model home took inspiration from modern building trends to create an expansive, open first-floor space with a chef’s kitchen, eat-in dining room and a family room with sliding doors that connect to a covered back brick porch. A pocket bar outfitted with a chilling sink and high-capacity ice machine, and smaller catering kitchen with storage space and dual dishwashers give owners new options for preparing meals and serving guests.

The open concept, pocket bar and catering kitchen demonstrate how Biringer Builders homes can be used to entertain. However, one of the most exciting elements of the Magnolia model home is found in a private bathroom space. The main bathroom features a bath with a zero entry shower and an inset soaking tub with a water wall. The home was featured in the Massey Street of Hope luxury home show in 2015, where it drew more than 12,000 visitors.

Home shows such as Massey Street of Hope and Richmond Homearama are a major part of Biringer Builders’ marketing strategy. “People come back every year to see what we’re up to, so it’s a challenge for us to raise the bar creatively,” Waters says. “That’s been fun, to push the limits of design.”

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