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Browdy & Browdy Homes


Browdy & Browdy Homes brings contemporary architecture to Jacksonville, Fla.  

By Kat Zeman

In a city that isn’t known for modern architecture, a waterfront home situated along the St. Johns River demands attention. Commanding a contemporary presence, this 4,300-square-foot luxury home stands out in Jacksonville, Fla. Its neighbors have French, Spanish and Mediterranean architectural influences. Compared to them, this scenic $2.5 million home belongs in its own category.

“This was our first opportunity to delve into building a true modern home,” says David Rinzler, vice president of Browdy & Browdy Homes. “It has a very open and well-lit floor plan. The entire rear of the home consists of movable walls of glass facing the river.”

The Jacksonville-based firm specializes in designing and building “one of a kind” luxury homes that range from $1.4 million to $4.4 million. Founded in 1975, Browdy & Browdy brings more than four decades of custom homebuilding experience to each project. As a full-service builder, its associates assist their clients with everything from selecting a location for their new homes to choosing an interior designer.

The home on St. Johns River was designed with the assistance of award-winning architect Phil Kean of Winter Park, Fla.-based Phil Kean Design Group, and his colleague, designer Rob Turner. Its exterior clean-lined design features a creamy, white stucco façade inset with a textured quartz stone tower. A spiral staircase connects a second-story balcony to a lanai and outdoor pool and spa.

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The interior follows a modern design that entwines the living, dining and kitchen areas into one large open space. Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase a stunning view of the nearby river. “Architecture is moving toward clean lines and simple design,” Rinzler says. “Some people first tell me that they don’t like modern-looking homes. But then I bring them to this particular house and it changes their mind. It creates an ’ah-ha’ moment.”

Though modern homes are still not common in Jacksonville, their allure has been capturing interest in the past three to five years, Rinzler says. Their open floor plans, glass walls and simple, clean-lined designs have begun to appeal to many clients.

“The architecture becomes the backdrop to the interior décor, thereby allowing one element to play off the other,” browdyRinzler says. “It works.”

Building homes is personal to Rinzler and the Browdy clan, who often joke that their business model is to build as browdyfew homes per year as possible. It’s not that they don’t want more business; rather, it’s about quality over quantity. 

“That way we can give a lot more attention to the client, better service, better product and an unparalleled experience” Rinzler says. “That’s what we do best.” Browdy & Browdy is owned by Rinzler and his stepfather, Richard Browdy. The company was founded by Rinzler’s mother Sharon Browdy, formerly Sharon Rinzler.

Browdy & Browdy believes that providing a high level of personal involvement is the only way to accurately meet its clients’ expectations and earn their trust and confidence. “We have a very hands-on approach,” Rinzler adds. “We take our clients under our wing and we’re involved in every aspect of the project.”

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