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Cipriani Remodeling Solutions


With the right partnerships and a highly trained team, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions strives to provide clients with an unmatched customer experience.

By Bianca Herron

Jay Cipriani launched Cipriani Remodeling Solutions after graduating from high school nearly 40 years ago. With 24 employees, today the design/build remodeling company has completed 4,000 projects, which include additions, kitchens, bathrooms and home renovations.

Since founding the company, Owner Jay Cipriani says he is most proud of the processes and systems he has implemented over the years. For instance, the Woodbury, N.J.-based company uses a 3-D design software to provide clients with an exact idea of what their finished project will look like before Cipriani even starts the process.

“This software has allowed us to be successful,” he says. “With successful projects we create raving fans, who in turn make referrals, which makes our phone ring.”

Personalized Experience

For Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, remodeling is more of an experience than a project. That is why it developed a five-step process – listen, design, refine, define and build – to ensure every client has a great outcome.

“We say vision drives structure, structure drives processes and processes drive outcomes,” Jay Cipriani explains. “Our slogan is ‘we listen better and care more.’ There have been many times during consultations [when] we have been told we do things our competition doesn’t, such as taking copious notes, measurements and pictures.”

After listening intently to a potential client’s needs, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions then assesses their needs to design the project. “We ask them what their preferences are for color and lighting, for example,” Cipriani explains. “We then design the project on our 3-D software, and provide client’s with an estimate.”

Tantum 01 6x4 copyIf a potential client decides to move forward, the company then refines the project by walking them through the process of selecting numerous materials, including countertops, cabinetry and flooring tiles. “This can be a very time-consuming and confusing process, so we’ll go shopping with them to select everything and get the best deals possible,” Cipriani says.

The project is then defined with a “very detailed” agreement that is easy to understand for both parties. “For example, it lists the brand name, color, size and quantity for everything that’s going into the project,” Cipriani explains. “Once a client signs the final agreement, we start building the project to meet their exact needs and specifications.”

Customer First

Cipriani Remodeling Solutions trains its 24 employees – five of whom are designers and the rest field personnel – on ciprianiseveral different things to ensure its clients have a great experience. For instance, the company aims to always be a homeowner’s expert, which is why its team has to be well educated on the latest installation techniques and products in the industry.

The company also trains its staff on the importance of being trustworthy and delivering on any promises they make. “We talk about how we’ll take care of the homeowner’s house, and the importance of how they are trusting us to be around their belongings, children and pets,” Cipriani says. “We also communicate with them daily to keep them up-to-speed on any pertinent information.”

Additionally, the company trains its staff to be considerate of clients’ living conditions during a project, and the importance of being friendly and optimistic throughout a project. “We want our team members in the home and office to be those things for our clients,” Cipriani says, noting that those same values are extended to its trade partners as well.

“They are very important to our success, and we invite them to our training meetings where we discuss safety, customer service and communication issues,” he says.

The company has longstanding relationships with many of its trade partners, which helps with quality control and the customer experience. “At the end of each job we provide the homeowner with a survey,” Cipriani notes. “One of the questions asks if they enjoyed our trade partners in their home, to which we receive a lot of positive feedback. So it’s also important to have friendly and optimistic trade partners in our clients’ homes.”

As Cipriani looks ahead, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions aims to continue looking for new and innovative ways to provide great experiences for its clients. “We’ve been able to do that so far with technology,” Cipriani explains. “For example, we were one of the first remodelers in South Jersey to use 3-D software,” he says.

Cipriani adds that the company is now integrating Amazon’s wireless smart speaker Echo into its projects, specifically kitchens.

“It can control the homeowners’ lights, alarm systems, music and much more,” Cipriani notes. “We’re looking forward to finding more innovative ways to stay in the forefront. From marketing to those who work in the field to design, we have a terrific team. I’m very grateful and fortunate to have this great staff.”

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