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Burke Builders


Burke Builders is focusing on the multifamily market in Colorado. 

By Kat Zeman

Though it has always been known for single-family residential construction, Boulder, Colo.-based Burke Builders is expanding its portfolio to focus on multifamily developments.

“We earned our wings in single-family residential market and in remodeling,” says Matt Ward, director of operations. “But we’re starting to take on bigger projects.”

The company completed a $2 million dormitory for a university in Colorado this year. The three-story, 18-unit building broke ground in October 2016. It features a luxurious common area, community kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a glass wall to allow for a maximum amount of light, and lots of outdoor landscaping. 

Each unit includes modern amenities and a patio/balcony, and is designed to allow for natural light. “This was a very high-profile project for us,” Ward says. “We were working through the winter. Kids were showing up. It was a tight schedule and we delivered on time and on budget. We’re very proud of that.”


Since its inception in 2004, Burke Builders has completed a wide array of residential, multifamily and commercial construction projects. That includes retail, restaurants, office and medical. “We don’t shy away from anything,” Ward says. “We enjoy taking on a variety of work. We especially like projects that have a lot of detail. Good projects are born out of good information.”


Burke Builders’ mission is to implement an organized, coordinated plan that utilizes sustainable building techniques, materials and innovative cost-saving approaches while exceeding the industry norms of professionalism, service and artistry.

“We want to make sure we have well-informed clients so they can make well-informed decisions,” Ward says. “We want to make sure that when the project is complete, the client is happy. The biggest compliment that we can get is when a client refers us and we do have quite a bit of return customers. We’re proud that we’ve maintained our relationships and that’s a result of good service.”

Exceeding Standards

Burke Builders prides itself on having a team comprised of experienced and talented professionals committed to exceeding both industry standards and their clients’ expectations for each project. The company says it has developed long-standing relationships with leading architects, engineers, and subcontractors to give its clients the best possible design, value and quality for their project. BurkeInfo

Burke Builders generally operates within 25 miles of the Boulder area. The company started a commercial project this year that entails modifying an existing office building. It only has two months to complete it.

It also won a contract to start work on an affordable housing project to break ground in early 2018. At a cost of roughly $2 million, Burke Builders will gut and remodel three existing apartment buildings in about four to five months.

The company anticipates it will grow its revenue between 20 to 25 percent by next year, which has been its consistent growth rate for the past few years, Ward says.

Burke Builders attributes its success to a strong family-minded philosophy that focuses on maintaining trust between its employees and clients. “Family and trust,” Ward says. “That describes our company. We’re a family.”

When it comes to its clients, Burke Builders also focuses on maintaining a standard operating procedure. “That’s the goal we are constantly working for,” Ward notes. “When we have a client that has returned business to us, we want to maintain the same processes so that client knows what to expect.”

Burke Builders was founded in 2004 by Brady Burke. As the company’s managing director, Burke is involved in all projects and oversees all of Burke Builders’ operations. He has 19 years of experience in the construction industry and had led the company to its current position in the Boulder market.

Ward has 13 years of construction industry experience. He is responsible for project budgeting, the RFP/contract process, change-orders and materials procurement. He has been with Burke Builders for four years.

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