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Drill King International


Drill King International (DKI) aims to become a leading manufacturer of integrated drilling tools and innovative solutions.

By Bianca Herron, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

DKI is a U.S. manufacturer specializing in high-performance drilling tools serving the oil and gas, civil and construction, geotechnical-geothermal, mining, tunneling, and water well in more than 80 countries.

The Texas-based company, founded in 2004, has decades of experience among its leadership. According to, Partner and Vice President of Business Development Shane Deerman, DKI has aggressively grown by recruiting “seasoned” industry veterans since its launch. Deerman along with several colleagues, each bring more than 20 years of industry experience and expertise.

“Our president, Larry Broseh, has over 35 years of industry experience, and our operations manager and engineering team has decades of industry experience as well,” he says. “So even though we’re a young company, we’ve pulled together a team that already knew the playbook of the industry.”

A Critical Role

DKI differentiates itself from its competitors with its collaborative model and by working alongside customers to better understand their needs and critical issues. “Whether they have pain points or problematic areas they are troubleshooting, at a job site, we go to the design board to come up with a solution to meet the demands,” Deerman says.

Deerman adds that since he joined the company nearly 18 months ago, he has been busy working on key differentiators to give DKI a competitive advantage by developing unique product solutions that not only meet the need, but also have the ability to out-perform and outlast its competitors. “Our competitors’ failed products have often served as the fuel for our innovative solutions, which have helped solve the problems and earn the business of our customers long-term in the industry,” he says. Drill King box

For example, by collaborating closely with its steel suppliers, DKI recently developed a new proprietary alloy. “This gives our product the ability to last longer and endure the toughest drilling conditions,” Deerman explains. “It is the most durable steel in the market today.”

Deerman notes that having a results-driven approach, as well as a leading sustainable advantage in the marketplace have been a key to Drill King’s success.

“We come up with solutions that gives everyone in the value chain a sustainable advantage,” Deerman explains. “We also recognize that agility has been key.” He adds that DKI responds quicker than any of its competitor in the marketplace today.

“We know we are aggressive and are competitive in the marketplace; many of our competitors call us for products due to their own long lead times,” Deerman explains. “Although they get the order, they can’t deliver it in the time frame agreed upon. Because of this we believe that we really have a unique position in the marketplace, a great product and are continually driving results to provide our customers with the best solutions.”

Deerman cites another example with one of the company’s projects. DKI is currently working with a large engineering and construction firm that works on some of the largest construction projects in the world. “We are now working alongside them on what is considered one of the longest tunneling projects in the world today,” Deerman says. “This project showcases our agility, to ever-changing demands, and how we respond to our clients’ needs.

“DKI’s product initially did not perform as well as expected, due to unknowns such as geologic formations; however, we worked closely with the team and suppliers to come up with a viable solution to meet the immediate demands and keep the project on schedule,” he adds, noting that DKI can customize its products to meet the unique demands and needs of its customers.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so our solution means new tool designs, new materials, new processes or even a whole new approach,” Deerman says. “We know we were the underdogs for this project. But by implementing this design thinking approach we have become the lead supplier for our customer in a very short time.  Often new product lines are born out of these experiences.”

Looking ahead, Drill King International aims to become a leading global supplier and manufacturer of integrated drilling tools and innovative solutions. “We will meet the needs of our customers, regardless of the project and where it is in the world,” Deerman says.

Ultimately, this circles back to Drill King International’s focus on sustainability, design thinking, its collaborative model and agility.

“These have been the key to our success,” Deerman concludes. “We take a unique approach to every project because no one is the same. By being agile, working with our team and suppliers in the value chain, and responding quickly to the constantly changing demands of our customers, we will continue to have a sustainable advantage and grow market share in the global markets.”