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Salt Point Services


Salt Point Services’ owners enjoy tackling unique remodeling projects.

By Kat Zeman

When Ken Stratton and Jim France first met at a charity event in New York, they had no idea that they would one day share more than a just a beer.

Both men ran their own businesses with solid client bases. France operated Jemini Construction and Stratton owned Four Corner Repair Services. “We had different niches, but we were both in construction,” France says.

After their initial meeting, the men joined forces on a variety of projects and discovered that they worked well together. In 2011, they consolidated their businesses and formed Salt Point Services, a Cazenovia, N.Y.-based construction company specializing in remodeling, home additions, repair and design.

“I think what makes us different is that Ken and I are a 50-50 partnership,” France adds. “I feel that a lot of our competitors are sole proprietors. Ken and I split our duties and that gives us the ability to offer better customer service and a higher-quality product.”

Stratton and France have grown Salt Point Services into a company of craftsmen with a collective construction experience of 150 years. The company, which specializes in custom work, prides itself on being committed to dedication, excellence and professionalism.


House On The Lake

Remodeling homes is a passion for Stratton and France. It’s also the largest chunk of their business. One of their most unique projects encompassed remodeling a 4,500-square-foot home in the Salt Point area about two years ago. The high-end job had the word custom written all over it.

“We remodeled the whole thing,” Stratton says. “There was nothing cookie-cutter about it. We had a butler’s pantry with black walnut grid flooring and every door was a custom-made. It was very unique and it turned out beautiful.”

Aside from custom doors, the library had custom wood ceilings and paneling. The home’s kitchen also featured custom flooring and counter tops. The main living room boasted a large skylight with wraparound windows and an open fireplace.

The project was especially exciting for Stratton and France because the home’s owners gave Salt Point Services a lot of creative freedom. “Since we didn’t have set plans, we made changes as needed,” Stratton says. “The exciting part was incorporating new ideas as we went along.”

The formal living room also featured custom paneling, a gas fireplace and a grand wooden fireplace. “Every room had some unique design feature in it,” France adds. SaltPointInfo

Creative Solutions 

Another of Salt Point Service’s extraordinary remodeling projects involved a commercial office building for Relo Solutions Group in Fayetteville, N.Y. Completed earlier this year, the large rehab project featured a modern open floor plan with lots of space, large windows and an interesting spin on industrial tube lighting – creating an urban feel with a mixture of wooden floors and brick paneling.

“The designer came up with some really great designs,” Stratton says. “One of the coolest features is the help desk. It grows all the way into the ceiling into what looks like a cloud.”

Another interesting design element of the office building is its IT room. It rests inside an old bank vault, as the building used to be a bank. Salt Point Services kept the vault but gave it a modern spin with stainless steel doors and a glass wall that connects the IT team to the rest of the office area. 

Although Stratton and France both enjoy remodeling, they envision the company heading into more new construction work. They have recently acquired several lots of land that they plan to develop. “That will be in the near future,” France says. “I think it’s important to continually change as a company. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing and you’re not healthy if you’re not growing.”

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