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RMC Constructors Inc. – Delta Shores


RMC has persevered on the Delta Shores project, despite challenges.  

By the Editors of Construction Today 

When RMC Constructors Inc. takes on a project, it sets out to surpass client expectations. “We work closely with developers, owners, architects and regulating agencies to achieve superior results for our clients,” the company says.

The builder has delivered superior results with Delta Shores, an 800-acre mixed-use development in Sacramento for developer Merlone Geier Partners. The project will feature 1.3 million square feet of commercial development and more than 4,900 residential units. RMC Constructors info box

But according to the Sacramento Business Journal, the construction has not been easy. Due to a wet winter, the schedule was pushed back by 70 work days, which required RMC and its subcontractors to counter it by getting more people on site.

“We just did everything we could,” commented Gary Muljat of Merlone Geier Partners to the Business Journal. Already, the project has opened Dick’s Sporting Goods, In-N-Out Burger and Walmart Supercenter locations.

Strong Values

Based in Fresno, Calif., RMC is a multi-state licensed general contractor. “Our services encompass the total project, including project development, design/build, construction, construction management and post-construction services,” it says.

The firm was incorporated in 1983 and took on projects such as local public works, post offices and schools. “As the company grew, we added larger jobs like hospitals, shopping malls, airports and big-box retail stores,” RMC says. “We also expanded our reach from the Central Valley to most of the western United States.”

The company focuses on multiple values, including safety. “RMC maintains a full-time safety department to keep all projects teams in compliance with safety procedures,” it says. “We perform comprehensive background research to ensure that all of our subcontractors exhibit a safe and legally compliant work history.”

Timeliness also is important. “At RMC, we respect deadlines,” the company says, noting that it has never missed a project completion date. “We don’t sacrifice quality for timeliness. Instead, we excel at both.”

The contractor also focuses on cost control. “At RMC, we develop a thorough understanding of the project in order to provide a realistic bid,” it says. “Our goal, if we’re awarded your project, [is that] we’ll deliver at or under our original bid every time.”

Overcoming Obstacles

RMC excels with its pre-construction services. “The biggest obstacles to transitioning a project from concept to construction are runaway expenditures,” it says, noting that its approach streamlines the transition. “We manage the budget development process, provide the architect with cost and method alternatives, and monitor the availability and compatibility of all systems.” 

The contractor says it accepts the responsibility of project costs and scheduling restraints substantially on negotiated projects before risks are defined. “Therefore, RMC treats the pre-construction phase with the same enthusiasm and aggressiveness as we do the construction phase,” it says.

Avoiding Delays

Before construction starts, RMC says it implements procedures that eliminate delay-causing events. In addition to establishing a field office with temporary utilities and staff, “We confer with local municipality officials to establish code-compliant inspection schedules and determine if we must implement special procedures to meet those schedules,” it says.

The company also analyzes the project’s impact of the project on its commercial or residential neighbors. “If there is concern from these parties, RMC will hold formal meetings to mitigate any issues prior to construction,” it says.

RMC follows other procedures it considers mandatory, no matter the scope or type of build. “The schedule and adherence to these procedures are established during the pre-construction phase and monitored and enforced by RMC during the construction phase,” it says, noting that these include quality and contract compliance and project schedule performance and review.

Key Communication

RMC also values communication on its projects. “From the job’s formative stages through construction, RMC dedicates a project team leader to act as a single point of contact between all team members,” it says. “Under our system, communication is prioritized and centralized and information flows freely between the general contractor, subcontractors and our client.”

For example, during pre-construction, RMC uses Microsoft Project Manager for providing a construction schedule. “This document provides the basis for all labor, equipment, materials and subcontractors’ timeline,” it says. “As the project progresses, the schedule communicates vital information to all team members, managers, subcontractors and clients, thereby preventing delays.”

RMC also uses SiteplanCAM technology during the construction phase, which provides pictorial updates on the project. “Key members of the project can receive updates via email or on their smartphones,” the company says.  

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