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Enhanced Visualization


One firm is bringing virtual reality to architecture and luxury housing. 

LA-based architecture firm IR Architects launched its AVR (Architectural Virtual Reality) Studio, a VR studio specializing in architecture in February. Led by CEO Ignacio Rodriguez and a team of professional VR developers, architects and interior designers, AVR will produce interactive VR walkthroughs of real-estate properties, ranging from concepts to in-progress previews. The virtual renderings also will incorporate detailed interior designs, allowing clients to experience a property prior to breaking construction ground. This facilitates approvals and revisions, ultimately saving out-of-pocket costs and time.

AVR Studio stems from IR Architects’ client needs, who required a better way to visualize a property beyond traditional renderings. With a VR headset, clients are immersed in a 3-D, interactive environment that provides a virtual representation of the building, including rooms and hallways, down to the pieces of furniture within. High-level VR models allow viewers to maneuver the property, opening doors and experiencing future outdoor views. AVR’s models will illustrate every detail of a property, from the countertops and floors to lighting and property planning, while also providing accurate scale, depth and spatial awareness.

“AVR Studio is going to change how client’s design, review and approve projects,” says Ignacio Rodriguez, founder of IR Architects and AVR Studio. “The challenges that people feel when trying to understand 2-D architectural plans will no longer be an obstacle. With VR, we are speaking the universal language of volume and space.”

Fusing cutting-edge technology with luxury architecture and interior design, AVR Studio is a VR studio generating comprehensive virtual property inspections. AVR leverages the power of immersive technology to benefit clients and ease the complex construction process. The futuristic company offers cost-saving efficiency combined with clarity on proposed designs to clients, developers and financial institutions.

AVR Studio’s VR techniques helm the architectural industry, making them poised to disrupt the status quo and make virtual inspections the new standard for development projects.