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Larson Manufacturing’s Scenix porch windows bring the outdoors in.

By Alan Dorich

For more than 60 years, Larson Manufacturing has focused on making your home better. Its products make your home brighter, more comfortable and functional, and add much desired curb appeal. LARSON’s newest innovation, Scenix™ porch windows, continues that legacy.

Scenix porch windows allow you to bring more of your favorite outdoor qualities inside – warm sunshine, fresh air and breathtaking views. In addition, a Scenix porch offers you more usable square footage throughout the year and is truly the best room in your home to soak in the surroundings through panoramic views. “It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in,” Director of Business Development Bruce Thomas says.

Making Connections

Larson Manufacturing introduced Scenix Porch Windows with retractable screens in June 2017. The product features gliding tempered glass panels that are up to six feet in width and eight feet in height, providing clear, panoramic views of the local scenery.

When homeowners slide away the glass, they have access to retractable screens, which not only let in fresh air but also keep insects out.

In fact, Larson Manufacturing had such confidence in Scenix that it had Thomas test the new window innovation in his own home. “We were one of the first guinea pigs,” he recalls, adding that it was a hit with his family. “My wife likes it because of the protection from the elements.”


Scenix has sold well at major retailers, including Lowe’s and Menards. “It’s filled a nice niche in the market,” Thomas said. Contractors are also excited about Scenix. As homeowners and builders acknowledge a gap in the market for better porch enclosure options, the newly launched Scenix product is gaining popularity in new construction, home additions and screen replacement projects.

“Scenix is exactly what many of my customers have been looking for,” commented Shawn Knapp of Shawn’s Custom Homes. “Many own lake homes and/or have invested in property with a beautiful view, yet they don’t have a good way to really enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their home. Scenix offers an impressive view and the built-in screen makes it super easy to adjust airflow based on the weather.”

A Good Time

Now is a good time for Larson Manufacturing to be in business. “Customers are continuing to invest in their homes,” Thomas says, noting that this makes Scenix a good fit for those buyers.

As the company was developing the product, LARSON looked at data from the American Housing Survey, which showed that homeowners are investing heavily in their porches, decks and patios. “Consumers are spending on average $2,500-plus to gain more living space,” he says.

As homeowners place a high value on large openings and scenic views, Thomas believes this trend will continue. LarsonInfo

Thomas is a longtime veteran of the millwork and building materials industries. He praises the work of Larson Manufacturing’s team in developing Scenix. “It was a timely addition to our product line,” he says, noting that it addresses homeowners’ issues and concerns. “We really locked into a good one.”

More products may be ahead in the company’s future. “LARSON is always looking for that next innovation,” Thomas says. “LARSON was built on innovation and Scenix porch windows are a welcome addition to our portfolio of products.”

About Larson

Founder Oscar Larson started the firm as a storm door company with a commitment to quality, integrity and service. Today, LARSON is still the largest storm door manufacturer in North America. Larson Manufacturing is also a market-leader in high-efficiency interior and exterior storm windows, retractable screens and many other door and window innovations.

Larson Manufacturing places a high value on its employees as part of a long-standing commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction. LARSON is headquartered in Brookings, S.D., and has additional plants in Lake Mills, Iowa, and Mocksville, N.C.

The company maintains its own distribution centers and a national field sales team. LARSON products are widely available from home improvement retailers across the country including Lowe’s and Menards and dealers in the United States and Canada.

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