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Menard Construction Company


Clients can rely on Menard Construction to deliver their beautiful, custom projects on time.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Tom Menard, president of Menard Construction Company, finds the greatest compliment to be when he is asked, “Where is the addition?” He takes pride in a seamless transition to the new work.

Based in Mountain Lakes, N.J., the company specializes in new homes, commercial construction, renovations and additions. Menard founded the firm 25 years ago, after gaining extensive experience in the construction industry.

He worked for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. in Baltimore after graduating from the University of Delaware School of Engineering. “I was a project engineer for a group building Walmart stores,” Menard recalls, explaining that these were often fast-tracked projects that needed to be completed in as little as four months.

“I gained invaluable experience and learned all the aspects of construction management. I realized that I wanted the extra challenge and attention to detail that is required in residential construction.” That led him to start Menard Construction that has grown each year.

Menard Construction has served thousands of clients in Morris County, N.J. The focus on staying local has contributed to its success. “We are well known in the area, and have developed a reliable business people can trust.  We have worked hard to establish a stellar reputation.”

In fact, they trust Tom so much that many clients often take his advice regarding what finishes and materials are appropriate and blend well in a project. “I’ve developed a good sense of design,” Menard says.


Quality Control

Menard Construction stands as a leader in the community with a solid, reliable staff of longtime employees.

Tom and his trusted project manager, Chris Mahoney, regularly visit each job site to ensure quality control and client satisfaction. “We make sure that everything is being installed as it should be so the end-product is beautiful,” Menard says.

Menard Construction also works with subcontractors that it has collaborated with for years. “I’m using subs that have come to know our high level expectations and as a result of meeting our quality standards, they earn our repeat business,” Menard says.

Changing Spaces

Menard Construction has seen a change in client desires. “Millennials are looking for smaller homes and many are moving away from the ‘big McMansions,’” he says.  Instead, they want residences that are 2,000 to 3,000 square feet, offering floor plans that will be utilized fully on smaller properties with high-quality finishes.

They enjoy locations close to town centers. These locations provide them with access to stores as well as mass transit. “So, when I’m developing a property, my target is really the smaller home that’s got everything you need, but without a lot of excess spaces,” Menard says.

One former requirement now considered an excess space is the home theater, while kitchens are combined with dining rooms. However, “People still want the master bedroom suites with the walk-in closets,” he says. But master bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs have fallen out of fashion. Instead, there has been a shift to more spacious showers.


Extending Life

Menard Construction is seeing the rise of new materials, including roof siding products that were not available a decade ago. “Many of them are vinyl products or wood composite products that have a longer life expectancy than the standard natural growth wood,” Menard says.

On the interior, the company is using composite materials for the kitchen and bathroom spaces. “There’s also a lot of new lighting offerings because of LED,” he adds, noting that these have become more reasonably priced.

“The nice thing about LED lighting is there’s a wide range of light spectrum colors,” he says. “So if people like the more incandescent look, they can get that with LED lighting, or if you want the broad daylight lighting, that’s an option as well.” 

Green building materials have taken an important role. For example, “Spray foam is used,” he says, noting that this helps keep homes air tight and free of drafts.

Tangible Products

Menard is proud of his company and its longevity. “The body of work that we’ve created over 25 years is one we’re extremely proud of,” he says. MenardInfo

These home will be in existence for 100 years, which makes Menard Construction’s work more gratifying. “It’s a very tangible end-product,” he says. “You see the results of your work, and how you’ve provided a great place for families to live in for decades to come.”

Recently, Menard has been buying properties on his own to restore and resell, or demolish and build new homes. “Over the last five years, I’ve been ramping up in that realm,” he says. “I find the process very rewarding from start to finish.”

Menard Construction will continue on its current path, he says. “I do thoroughly enjoy my work and plan to continue to complete beautiful custom projects.”

Wise Words

Menard has advice for those entering the construction industry. “If any younger person was looking to get into this business, I would advise, to guarantee repeat business, one must focus on respect, honesty and integrity,” he says, “That has always been the cornerstone of our commitment to our clients.”

He also advises to get involved in your local community and give back to your neighbors. “My wife is a realtor and we are both heavily involved with many local organizations.”

Menard personally served on the board of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms in Parsippany, N.J. and is currently the president of the board of The Medical Needs Foundation. The organization supports families that are in need of financial help after experiencing catastrophic medical issues. “We’re helping them get through the tough times,” he says.

Menard Construction will continue to focus on high quality standards, integrity, honesty and giving back. 

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