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Ideagility leads marketing for small business with transparency and honesty. As a result, it delivers big returns. 

By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor, Knighthouse Media

The Internet presents vast opportunities, but a business manager is often too busy running their business to spend time on cost-effective marketing. A manager may believe that digital marketing services are out of reach for their business. That doesn’t mean, though, that Internet-based opportunities for growth are all lost. Ideagility understands small business needs and guides customers on a path of transparency and profitability.

“It’s important to us that we do a great job and deliver the services we provide,” CEO Jan Quinn says. “We meet with clients every month. We provide online access to campaign results and the ability to listen to recorded phone leads. We listen too! Analyzing and reporting on recorded leads is very valuable for our clients. Customers know what we’re delivering.”

Based in Portland, Ore., Ideagility’s services include pay-per-click advertising, website design, email marketing, brand consultation, social reputation management and search engine optimization. The company was founded to help small businesses – restoration and construction companies, plumbers, electricians and specialized cleaners – benefit greatly from their Internet services. Website design provides a base, but Ideagility goes much further, customizing services for each client. Transparent, easy to prove services and honesty win the day.

“A lot of companies come to us with a website they haven’t kept up or one that they detest,” Quinn explains. “They may be skeptical of Google, but often we show them Google AdWords actual results; ads appear only if customers search for a relevant service. You pay only when your ad comes up – and digital ads are inexpensive. Each leads to a customer phone call or contact-us form. It’s incredibly profitable for our customers.”


Ideagility customers close business from $2,000 to $20,000. These sales link directly to a website ad or SEO result that often costs about $10 to $20. “We manage all of the components of the digital platform,” she says. “We manage customer email, SEO services and websites, which we create for each client. We also execute special projects any time the customer needs.” Popular projects include tradeshow graphics and booth design, business cards, brochures, signage and power point presentations.

More than Spin

Ideagility was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to work with smaller companies that needed Internet marketing. Working with a janitorial franchisee, who saw a need in the janitorial and contractor markets, allowed them to prove and refine their services. With the Ideagility background in technology marketing, clients liked that Ideagility was a different marketing firm.

“We are extremely good at listening – we don’t come in and try to shove packaged solutions down company leaders’ throats,” Quinn says. “We listen. We prove our solutions by sharing results delivered for like companies. We don’t talk a good game and then stop showing up. Our metrics are transparent. Many customers share that they paid a lot of money for very little results. That’s not us. Our results for the past eight years have been proven and trumpeted.” IdeagilityInfo

Quinn explains that Ideagility curates its services for each client. Business owners rarely have time to spend tracking digital results. Sometimes their customers call in, asking for services the client doesn’t provide. By tracking everything and analyzing each recorded request for services, Ideagility works closely with clients to determine how many recorded leads close as jobs. The company helps customers figure out why certain job requests do not close – and what can be done with the website, SEO and advertising to help eliminate these problems.

“Our results analysis and transparent platform is gold for clients,” she says. “We help analyze which messages are critical. But it’s more than that. We help company owners and managers to understand who on their team is spectacular at closing job requests. We use this information to help refine the approach of the whole team.”

Ideagility has grown each year by reaching out to other business sectors in the trades. Often clients have already created successful businesses, Quinn says, but they are looking for even more growth.

“You increase customer sales and they love you forever,” she says. “Some clients have less than 100 employees, and many have 300 or more. We are proud to help each one grow. We understand the business and operational challenges; we have served sectors in the trades for years. At the same time, we own our small business. Within the last five to six years we have been able to double our company. That’s because we love what we do and it makes a huge difference.”

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