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Realex Homes


Realex Homes ensures its clients get everything they want in their custom-built homes.

By Jim Harris, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

One of the most rewarding parts of Nick Peters’ job as owner and president of Realex Homes is the moment he turns over the keys of a new house to its owners. “All of the new owners give me a big hug and tear up talking about how they’re moving into their dream home,” he says. “It’s very rewarding to see a client who is really happy with the job we’ve done.”

Peters credits his company’s ability to make its clients happy to his staff, which maintains close connections to customers throughout the homebuilding process. Realex Homes also prides itself on not limiting its clients to just a few floor plan and fixture options.

“We are a true custom builder. We give our customers unlimited options to choose from; a lot of other companies won’t do that,” Office Manager Addison Haight says. “We provide unlimited access to someone in the company – someone is always available by phone. We want our customers to walk away from the company with the home they dreamed about, and we want them to have a positive experience with the company as well.”Realex Homes info box

Realex staff also regularly meets with clients at their homes while they are under construction. “We encourage third-party inspectors to let [clients] be involved with that process,” Peters says. “We want to interact with customers on-site and show them what’s going on so we can exceed their expectations.”

Unlimited Options

Realex Homes’ clients can choose from more than 3,000 floor plans and then change any element of the design, including combining rooms and adding features from several plans. Once a floor plan is agreed on, clients choose from a host of materials and features. “My job is to get what the client wants to the project manager and installers,” Design and Selection Manager Suzanne Romano says, noting that she commonly visits showrooms and granite yards to find materials.

RealexHomes2Realex Homes works with a number of suppliers in the United States and overseas, including Italy. Common features of Realex homes include large covered patios, outdoor living areas, high ceilings and wood and tile floors. Many of the standard fixtures in Realex’s homes – such as LED recessed canned lights – are considered upgrades by other builders, she adds. In addition to LED lighting, Realex Homes also feature energy efficient appliances, windows and insulation.

“Our homes are built so tight we’ve had to bring in outside air,” Peters says. “We’ve seen a 5,500-square-foot house with a pool have an electric bill of $250 during the summer.”

Years of Excellence

Peters founded the company in 1987 as Realex, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm representing several Houston, Texas, area builders. The building division was established in 2001. Realex Homes builds 10 to 15 homes a year in Houston and the surrounding region. The average price of a Realex house is $1 million to $2 million; the company has also built condominiums that market for $400,000.

Over the years, Realex Homes’ work has earned it awards from organizations and publications including the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA). Recent awards include the GHBA Prism Award for best custom home elevation and best custom home kitchen. The company has also been recognized as a top custom homebuilder by the Houston Business Journal.

Several long-term subcontractors and suppliers help Realex Homes make its clients’ dream homes a reality. “We’ve been working many of the same partners for years, and we make sure the new subcontractors and suppliers we bring in are up to our high standards,” Haight says.


Community Matters Realex Homes is involved in a number of community programs including sponsoring school sports programs and hosting fundraisers for the Houston Children’s Charity. The company also sponsors local church retreats and works with Habitat for Humanity to salvage building materials.  

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