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Starke Sound


Starke Sound’s state-of-the-art multichannel speaker system is unmatched in the industry and a game-changer for luxury homebuilders.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Ten years ago, three friends with a passion for audio came together to form Starke Sound and fulfill a need in a niche market. “We were all hanging out discussing audio and came to a conclusion that multichannel was lacking creatively not only in performance, but also in the design of the speakers themselves,” says Scott DeLoache, co-founder and chief design director.

The Los Angeles-based company’s primary goal is to deliver accurate acoustic reproductions with minimal distortion. As an architect, DeLoache worked on a number of high-end luxury homes where the home theater was often “a fun little gem” that he and the client would get excited about in terms of design and installation.

“The end-product never met the needs or expectations that we hoped for, so I started becoming more involved in installation and familiarizing myself with the multichannel speaker products that were available,” he remembers. “I discovered it was something that the market was ignoring. Here we are creating a $300,000 room and it was like putting a Volkswagen engine into a Ferrari. Two channel figured this out years ago, but for high-end multichannel there was nothing available in the market.”Starke info box

Starke Sound set out to change all that. Co-founder and CTO Dan Wiggins is an audio engineer who has established multiple audio companies and created numerous products, including the Brahma Super Bass Driver, Event Studio Drivers, Sonos Play1/Play3 and Playbar. Wiggins has multiple patented tweeter designs and Starke Sound’s Linear Magnetic Field (LMF) Driver® is one of his active patents.

Spring Qin, co-founder and chief marketing officer, is a passionate audiophile with a masters degree in electronics and integrated circuitry. He started his own audio company 10 years prior to helping establish Starke Sound and has personal connections with top audio industry leaders.

Distinctive Quality

Starke Sound’s LMF technology is designed to increase range while minimizing distortion. Its unique beryllium tweets can handle high frequencies with amazing detail while the carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic cones provide strength and rigidity to minimize structural deflections and maintain the subtle acoustic variations.

“Dan is the mad scientist of the group and you won’t find his LMF technology in any other speaker,” DeLoache says. “Dolby Atmos is a platform all the major studios are using for their film and it’s this immersive sound that is beginning to drive the steaming market. To achieve this, you will need more than two speakers.”

Starke2To help the end-user achieve this sound, Starke Sound offers an extensive speaker line through its dealer network and direct to installers and builders. “We have an in-house design team that for free will develop a floor plan to show exactly where the speakers need to go for homebuilders in relation to the seating, height of the speakers and the dimensions of the room,” DeLoache notes. “Our designers know our speakers better than anyone, so we want them to be involved.”

Starke Sound offers an extensive line of in-wall, floor-standing, bookshelf speakers, as well as subwoofers and amplifiers. But it can also build custom speakers at its factory in Gardena. “We have created an audio company with speakers designed by an architect for homebuilders,” DeLoache says. “We want to maintain quality and control. Our in-house factory also allows us to customize speakers to meet a certain color or design request.”

Quality Innovation

Starke Sound is continuously innovating in its factory and launching new products annually. By the end of this year, the company will launch its flagship speaker. “The speaker is just over six feet tall and top of the line up and down,” DeLoache says. “It’s a monster. Our production run will be small, but it will be handmade and designed for people who want something no one else has.”

Moving forward, Starke Sound plans to further establish its dealer network and nurture its partnerships with luxury homebuilders. “We are eager to get our speakers into the market and we are willing to bend over backwards in terms of providing support and want to be involved in the design if they want us to be,” DeLoache says. “Our focus is not only on developing distinctive, best-in-class speaker systems, but also on building long-term relationships with dealers, installers and homebuilders.”