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Easi-Pour adds machine control automation to its paving equipment.
By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

When it comes to paving and surface mining equipment, string-less paving technology with three-dimensional controls is becoming the preferred standard among contractors. 

A 3-D machine control automation system simplifies jobsite logistics, saves time, reduces costs and improves quality and safety. When the technology is integrated with a quality machine, the results are even better.

“It’s more efficient,” says Curtis Bales, business manager at Easi-Pour. “You can set up a 15,000-foot linear job in one day with one guy. That one man can design that job in a 3-D file format. So, you’re minimizing overhead and maximizing production. A string line requires much more manpower and time.” 


Easi-Pour, a Huron, S.D.-based manufacturer of paving and surface mining equipment, introduced 3-D machine control automation as a new feature to its popular Easi-Pour Compact 880. The technology is also an optional feature for its other paving equipment. 

Powerful Compact

Easi-Pour’s Compact 880 has been a popular product among contractors for more than 30 years. However, the machine has evolved – and continues to do so. 

“Before this year, it ran on a string line,” Bales says. “Now with the GPS capabilities and machine control automation, we can run the machine without the string line. The Compact 880 is our No. 1 go-getter.” 

The easy-to-operate Compact 880 can be used for all curb and gutter configurations, tight radius work, sidewalks, recreational paths, cul-de-sacs, 42-inch-high safety barriers and bridge parapets, as well as monolithic and flat paving up to eight feet wide. Easi Pour box

“It’s a very versatile machine,” Bales adds. “And it’s a true compact. It is smaller in size, compared to similar models, which allows for easy transportation and quicker job site set up. We can also transport the equipment with the mold in place.”

It also allows for simultaneous trimming and pouring which makes concrete placement more efficient. 

Unique Features

One of the Compact 880’s unique features is its closeable hopper with a 1.75-cubic-yard capacity. It allows for the transport of concrete across a job site to the next starting point, minimizing stopping between concrete trucks. 

Other noteworthy features include a four-leg design which increases stability and safety, e-stops on all four legs,  a radius down to 24 inches and a 51-inch standard side-shifting trimmer. It also has a vertical trimmer adjustment and a transport speed of 190 feet per minute and pouring speed of 70 feet per minute. It is also known for its operator-friendly machine setup features and a hydraulic mold mount for fast mold exchange. 

“We expedite machine setup because it is simple to use,” Bales says. “And our mold exchange is quicker. It’s probably the fastest mold exchange in the industry.” 

Custom Made 

Compact 880 is available in either rubber wheel or track configurations. It has an extensive list of optional features. This includes a choice between a direct drive trimmer and chain driven trimmer and three different choices of water tanks: high pressure, air pressurized or dual pressure. 

Customers can also specify the length of the conveyor and choose between different radius packages. They can also add on an additional external oil cooler and full sliding leg capabilities.

“We also have the capability to build highly-customized features,” Bales says. “Let’s say a customer has owned one of our machines for 10 years and they’ve made a number of adaptations to it. But now they want to buy a new one, but with those adaptations. Well, we’ll do a full customization if the customer wishes. It can be as minute as a shovel holder or extensive as a change in the hopper.”

Compact 880 comes with Easi-Pour manufactured sensors, cords, steering and elevation wands, three vibrators and a mold built to customer specifications. String line packages are available upon request.

Longevity and Service  

Easi-Pour’s equipment longevity continues to prove itself with machines still operating in the field today after more than 30 years. 

“We pride ourselves on a full steel frame construction when we build them,” Bales says. “The longevity of our equipment is phenomenal. I’ve got machines that are 1985 models and still running.” 

The company also prides itself on customer service, training and support. When a customer purchases a new Easi-Pour machine, the company offers two-day training and can provide an operator on-site. 

“We’re very customer focused and the operator friendly aspect of our equipment is huge,” Bales says. “Anything that customer needs, we are available 24-7 to walk them through it or for service calls.”

For existing customers, Easi-Pour has more than 95 percent of the machine parts needed for repair in stock. The company also accepts trade-ins and refurbishes them for resale. It has an extensive line of used equipment.  

Founded in 1967, the company started with manufacturing automatic slipform concrete paving equipment and continuous surface mining equipment in South Dakota. 

Today, Easi-Pour is a global company that sells its products factory direct. Its manufacturing facility and stock warehouse are located in Huron. The company also has sales and service offices in Hollister, Calif., and in Toronto and Orillia, Ontario.

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