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Skyjack is the company behind the world’s leading aerial work platforms.

Skyjack provides companies with quality-engineered, simple and reliable access and material-handling equipment globally so that they can maximize utilization and their return on investment. 

As an industry-leader with roots in scissor lifts, Skyjack has evolved over the years and now manufactures full lines of mast lifts, scissor lifts, telescopic booms, articulating booms and telehandlers. 

Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Skyjack a solid reputation within the industry. That’s how the company has continued to lead the industry for more than 30 years. 

Its versatile equipment is designed specifically for the rental industry and to provide an industry-leading lifecycle value. Its main product line includes: 

 Vertical mast lifts with between 18- and 21-feet working heights

 DC electric scissor lifts with between 21- and 45.5-feet working heights

 Rough terrain scissor lifts with between 32- and 56-feet working heights

 Articulating boom lifts with between 35-and 91-feet working heights

 Telescoping boom lifts with between 46- and 92-feet working heights

 Telehandlers (North America only) with lift capacities of 5,500 to 12,000 pounds and lift heights from 19- to 56-feet

In addition to its main product line, Skyjack also offers a lineup of Accessoryzers. These aftermarket solutions further expand a product’s ability to adapt and help rental companies offer a product that is fully flexible. Some of these include pipe racks, glazier kits, material-handling stands and tool trays.

Company Roots

Skyjack has been operating for more than 30 years. Its first aerial products were scissor lifts and the company quickly became, and remains, the world leader in design of and the home of the self-propelled scissor lifts. 

Today, Skyjack makes one in three scissor lifts that are sold globally. Following the success in scissor lifts, Skyjack used that simple and reliable approach and applied it to a range of telescopic and articulating booms. 

With the introduction of the SJ85 AJ, Skyjack offers not only a full line of boom lifts covering all core classes, but also a range of boom lifts with unique features that improve a rental company’s productivity. Skyjack box

Skyjack then turned its attention to the North American telehandler market. In recent years, it launched the TH series, a range of true rental telehandlers that has been well received. 

The North American TH series has lift capacities from 5,500 to 12,000 pounds and lift heights from 19 to 56 feet.

The Future 

With changes coming due to the impending ANSI 92.20 design standards, Skyjack took the opportunity to see how it could pair compliance while keeping its products efficient, simple and reliable. 

The most notable changes include active load sensing systems, wind force requirements, railings and platform entries, and familiarization and training. The company has published a white paper that highlights the changes and explains what rental companies can expect from Skyjack. They can be found at www.skyjack.com/news/ansi. 

Overall, market demand has remained steady over the past few years and Skyjack has experienced growth in terms of sales and market share overall, but especially with its telehandler lineup. 

Launched in 2015, Skyjack’s TH series exceeded the company’s annual projections within the first three months. It now has product offerings in all core classes for its scissor lifts, booms and telehandlers. 

This year, Skyjack added to its TH series with the launch its first compact telehandler, the SJ519 TH, which gives the company the opportunity to compete in a whole new equipment class. 

Also this year, Skyjack made waves in the internet of things realm with ELEVATE, its new telematics solution. It is a mobile-first interface specifically designed for off-highway rental fleets. 

ELEVATE enables customers to remotely monitor and manage machines. They can spot service requirements in advance, provide end users with remote troubleshooting, battery pack management and verify the machine’s location. 

ELEVATE differentiates itself from other telematics products for off-highway fleets because it’s the first product with a pricing structure worth its weight. It provides mission critical data from every machine category,  from the smallest electric scissor lift to the largest telehandler. 

This solution is very flexible. ELEVATE can be ordered with new Skyjack equipment, which comes fitted directly from the company’s factory. It can also be ordered as an aftermarket solution and retrofitted to integrate with existing Skyjack equipment and with other off-highway fleet equipment through the company’s partnership with Trackunit. 

Designed for Rental

Skyjack recognizes that having user-friendly equipment that can withstand the harsh demands of the rental industry is critical to increasing its customers’ utilization rates. 

In order to create rental products that are truly unique and add value for its customers, Skyjack created a collection of trademarked features. This includes its industry renowned SkyCoded color-coded wiring system that makes Skyjack machines easy to troubleshoot and repair –  resulting in maximum uptime for rental customers. 

In addition, Skyjack has a lineup of manufacturer-approved aftermarket accessories, Accessoryzers. These aftermarket products encompass a range of options that further expand a product’s ability to adapt and create a fully flexible rental choice. 

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