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Spiotta Construction Management & Hellas Trim Designs


Spiotta Construction Management and Hellas Trim Designs attract high-end homebuilding clients in the Hampton area of New York because of their unique ability to work together.

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media 

Superior homebuilding requires not only high-end products and materials, but also chemistry. Personal chemistry between partners not only results in successful homebuilding but happy clientele as well. It’s exactly this type of chemistry that attracts high-end homebuilding throughout Long Island’s Gold Coast, the Hamptons and surrounding areas.

The result is a partnership that lends itself to excellence on every project. “We were on a project together about 18 years ago, and we met on the project,” says Tilton, owner of Hellas Trim Designs in Hauppauge, N.Y. “Gene was doing some management work, he saw our company and how we expedite work, and we chatted about joining forces.”

“We were on a large-scale project in the Hamptons-the home was 27,000 square feet,” says Spiotta, owner of Spiotta Construction Management in Water Mill, N. Y. “I was the construction manager and Hellas was doing the construction. We work very well together, so as a team, our projects go very smoothly, resulting in highly satisfied clientele.”Spiotta BOX

The strong relationship between Spiotta and Tilton and resulting client satisfaction have generated opportunities for them to work with well-known architects and high-end clientele. Spiotta notes “Our clients remark that our team is a pleasure to work with and the projects are fun and exciting.” Owing it to their reputable work, this team frequently works with several builders.

“Gene has a unique approach when communicating with clients, making them feel at ease and extremely comfortable,” says Tilton. “We are a large-scale construction company with the ability to complete high-end projects in a timely manner.”

“The goal is to keep it fun and exciting for the client,” Spiotta explains. “It’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. In the end the project and the client’s satisfaction are our top priority.”

Tilton notes the individual strengths of Spiotta and Hellas combine to yield ongoing success. “Gene is very high energy, he enjoys interacting with clients while helping them make difficult decisions; he puts his heart in everything he does. We enjoy and take pride in our work. Together we are a unique team. In the last year, we have been ranked very highly; we are among the top 15 best contractors in the Hamptons and that has a lot to do with Gene’s energy and our ability to execute his vision.”

Spiotta2“We work very cohesively, and our reputation precedes us; the quality of our work speaks for itself,” Spiotta adds. “Our clients appreciate how quickly and efficiently the work progresses and we have a great crew of people in both the office and the in the field all of whom work very well together.”

The Same Page
Spiotta and Tilton agree this level of success would not be possible if they worked separately, but they take pride in every project. Tilton explains the rest of the country may think the New York market moves too fast, but he and Spiotta are happy to manage the speed by working together.

“Our goal is for our clients to trust us and to feel comfortable knowing exactly how their money is being utilized,” Tilton adds. “Everyone is on the same page.” Spiotta adds, “Our clients know that we take pride in what we do.”

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