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Alta Vista Builders and Consultants


Alta Vista Builders and Consultants soars above the competition with its one-of-a-kind log homes in Colorado.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Boutique homebuilder Alta Vista Builders and Consultants carves a niche in the red-hot Colorado housing market with its custom log and modern homes that require specialized construction methods and meticulous craftsmanship. “I really love the artistry of both log and modern homes because they are out of the ordinary,” says Tim Stegall, owner. “Right now, a majority of our projects are log homes.”


Stegall is a fourth-generation homebuilder who has been building homes all his life and professionally for more than 20 years. He founded the Golden, Colo.-based company in 2006 to provide clients with a better homebuilding experience. “Being in the business for a while and seeing how things were done, I thought I had a more customer friendly way of doing things,” Stegall remembers. “I worked for production builders and the big guys, but I didn’t like the cookie cutter program and the way the clients were treated.”AltaVistaINFOBOX1

To ensure Alta Vista delivers unparalleled customer service, Stegall is involved in all facets of construction with his clients. He takes pride in guiding them through the process and being by their side from architecture through design, construction and completion. “We are a small, boutique builder and definitely client focused,” Stegall adds. “Myself or my construction manager will be on site every week and that’s a promise we make to our clients.”

Alta Vista prefers to get involved with building its clients’ homes from the design process. “I just love the building process and I like to go to our clients’ design appointments to help them pick out finishes,” Stegall notes. “Our clients’ budgets can vary and we are set up to accommodate a wide range of considerations. Designers are great at picking beautiful finishes, but we can help clients get the look they want in the budget they need. It can be an intimidating process.”

The company also maintains long-term relationships with a core group of vendors to consistently deliver the highest-quality craftsmanship. Alta Vista has built dozens of custom log homes in the mountains of Colorado and is the exclusive turnkey builder for Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes, a Dumont, Colo.-based log home manufacturer.

The Tree House

Alta Vista is building six log homes and two modern homes throughout Colorado. In the serene mountain community of Blue River, Colo., the company is building a custom log home it’s calling the tree house because rather than traditional foundation, the home is suspended 10 feet off the ground by four log posts. “This is the first one I’ve built like it,” Stegall says. “It’s definitely a cool project and a bit challenging.”

The biggest challenge with the 1,507-square-foot tree house is incorporating the mechanical elements and piping, as well as handling the large logs to build the structure of the home. “The level of craftsmanship and detail that goes into a log home, you need double the man hours to do the detail work,” Stegall notes. “We know a tree gave its life to build the home, so we do the best job we can to honor that.”

Once the tree house is completed, Alta Vista will use a stain product and live-edge pine siding to give the home a rustic look. “The product makes it look more like barn wood and we are using an aging finish, so it won’t be shiny and new looking,” Stegall adds. “The tree house will look like it’s been there for years.” The tree house will also feature a 1,200-square-foot garage.

Alta Vista inherited the tree house project in June and will also be building a custom 2,216-square-foot modern home for the same owner right next door. Both homes are expected to be completed in the next year-and-a-half, and the property owner will use them as a private residence and rental property.

Moving forward, Alta Vista plans to continue focusing on log and modern custom homes in Colorado. The company builds 10 to 15 homes per year and although continued growth is always a focus, Stegall says he wants to remain a boutique builder and not get so big that he loses hands-on interaction with his clients. “We treat everyone right whether they are building a $3 million or $700,000 home,” he adds. “We are very transparent and pass along our discounts because we always try to get the best deals we can for our clients. We don’t just say we do the right thing – we actually do the right thing.”

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