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Bättig Design


Bättig Design strives for perfect quality in its clients’ projects.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media 

Bättig Design strives for perfect quality in its clients’ projects. When this family owned company conceptualizes and fabricates stairs, handrails and railings for its clients, they make certain to create something special, President Martin Bättig says. “We will always go the extra step to make it nicer for our customers.”  


The Trois-Rivières, Quebec-based company strives to provide products that are unique and beyond what is currently available. “We want to have perfect quality, all the time,” he says. “We spend the time and money to make projects flawless.” Bättig started the company 25 years ago in his father’s garage, making metal furniture for his friends.

Soon, “I started taking on commercial projects for people,” he recalls, noting that this evolved into designing railings and exterior staircases for his customers. “I would spend hours with my clients, investigating and achieving designs that they loved for their house,” Bättig says, adding that today the company frequently designs stair elements for exceptional contemporary homes in addition to fabricating impressive commercial stairs.  

Bättig Design operates its own metal fabrication shop, integrating materials like glass and stone. “The reason why we’re successful is we execute everything, from A to Z,” Martin Bättig says, noting that this comprehensive approach allows customers to avoid working with multiple additional contractors. “It’s a worry-free contract for them.” The company’s work, he adds, can be found in high-end homes, hotels and shopping centers, including Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth “It’s one of the grandest hotels in Canada.”  

Share the Stairs

“Current interior design trends have created favorable market conditions and now is an advantageous time for specialized and experienced fabricators like Bättig Design to be in business,” Martin Bättig says. Today’s consumers, he explains, are allocating more budget to the stairs as they have become a main design feature in private residences and large commercial spaces.

“In the past, stairs were hidden behind walls,” Bättig describes. “Now it’s more common to share them, put the stairway right in the middle of the home where it will be an attraction.” The company also has seen this trend in the commercial market; bank foyers, office mezzanines, connecting people to people.BattigBox1    

One style of stairway that is rising in popularity is the floating stairway, which presents the feeling of “not having anything supporting the steps,” he says. “I also try to find new ways of connecting the steps that are interesting,” he says, adding that Bättig Design has partnered with a design school, Outaouais College, to develop new adaptations of stairs with students. “As a portion of their curriculum, the students attempt to conceive new ideas, for us to assess and provide feedback.”  


Bättig is proud of the team at his company and enthusiastically invests in human relations, fostering an effective workplace and keeping staff motivated. “Right now, we are building six new offices to improve our workspace,” he says. “We’re also exploring new production facilities to prepare for future demand.”  

Bättig also wants to grow the company’s prominence, so it stands as the leader in staircases in North America. While Bättig Design’s operations are in Quebec, “We have experience in New York and just expanded both our sales focus and onsite depth,” he says, adding that the company has recently engaged industry veteran Chris Bryson to develop business opportunities in Ontario and the Eastern United States. “Chris has expert level stairway experience and will be building relationships with clients in New York City, Boston and Toronto.”

On the operations side, Bättig has partnered with Hellas Trim to facilitate comprehensive site work for U.S.-based projects and says, “The Hellas team delivers the professional craftmanship our clients expect and are the perfect partner for us.   “We will go wherever the demand is,” Bättig says, noting that he has met with architects around the world who are interested in working with Bättig Design.

In early 2019, the company introduced a revamped website, centered around a thorough rebranding, a concentrated focus and streamlined navigation. With projected revenue exceeding $4.4 million in 2019, Martin Bättig says, “We want to really go out there, grab the market, find great clients, become a more extensive enterprise and reach our potential.” Bättig Design wants to help clients create distinctive projects of quality by combining state-of-the-art with old world craftsmanship providing luxury and style.

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