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Sterling Creek Builders


Sterling Creek Builders incorporates aspects of the Texas Hill Country into its homes.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

When building a new home, staying within a budget is every client’s main concern. But Sterling Creek Builders operates with a system to meet those needs and help them keep a close eye on where dollars go, owner John Corcorran says.


“We give them estimates all the way down to the doorknob,” he explains, adding that the homebuilder maintains strong communication with clients throughout the build by providing access to a personalized online portal and other methods. “It’s the reason Sterling Creek Builders has grown to be one of the largest homebuilding companies in the Texas Hill Country.”

Corcorran founded the Llano, Texas-based company after gaining extensive expertise in the homebuilding industry. His history began when he helped his father build his first lake house. This helped him develop a love for the industry and start a residential investment firm that bought and renovated the largest properties in Lubbock, Texas, for Texas Tech students.

After selling the company in 2015, he moved to the Texas Hill Country where he started Sterling Creek Builders. “Since its founding, it has grown to be one of the largest homebuilding companies in the Texas Hill Country,” he says. “We’ll build anywhere from a $2 million house on Horseshoe Bay to a half-million-dollar house on one of the surrounding ranches.”

Sterling Creek Builders also has thrived by following important values, such as keeping its word and staying reliable. “We don’t walk away from any client [and leave] a bad taste in their mouth,” he says. “They’re absolutely proud that they hired us to do the project for them.”

Maximizing the Outdoors

Sterling Creek Builders is seeing a lot of trends in its industry. For example, “We’re seeing that people are wanting large open spaces,” Project Manager Josh Caster says, noting that this has driven the company to build homes with less walls and more gathering areas, often times forgoing a formal dining room in exchange for more open space. Corcorran agrees.

“It’s a big thing in everything we do,” he says, adding that the company often constructs houses around rivers and lakes, as well as at high points on ranches. “They are really maximizing the outdoor living areas.”

Recently, Sterling Creek Builders built a house alongside Lake Lyndon B. Johnson in Texas. During this project, “We built a catwalk off the second story onto the top deck of the boat dock for additional living space, right over the water,” he recalls. Clients also want parts of the landscape integrated into their homes. “We’re putting in a lot of stone in the outsides and using a lot of cedar and timber,” Corcorran says, noting that the company also integrates stained concrete for flooring.

An Experienced Team

Corcorran is proud of the skilled team he assembled at Sterling Creek Builders, which includes his wife Rachel, who assists with design consulting. Caster, who recently joined the firm, worked for Corcorran’s previous company throughout college and graduated with a construction engineering degree from Texas Tech University. I

ts senior superintendent, Steve Snow, has 40 years of construction experience, and Superintendent Ryan Bucklin carries strong expertise. “He studied construction science at Texas A&M, which really rounds out our management team, giving us a real advantage,” Caster adds. Corcorran predicts a strong future for Sterling Creek Builders.

“I see us continuing to dominate the markets in this area, while maintaining our high standard of quality and client satisfaction,” he says, adding that the company receives requests for new homes daily. “We just have to make sure we have the systems in place to keep our quality up at the end of the day.”

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