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Solid Rock Custom Homes


With its dedication to excellence and service, Solid Rock Custom Homes continues to grow in the Colorado Springs market.

By Staci Davidson

When it comes to quality custom homebuilding, Solid Rock Custom Homes LLC is dedicated to being the best in the Colorado Springs market. Not only is the company focused on delivering quality designs, construction and service to its clients, but Solid Rock also uses its extensive experience to work with the local and national industry and raise the level of professionalism in homebuilding.


As a result, Solid Rock’s homes are rarely sold by their owners after they move in. Husband-and-wife team Lain and Barbara Chappell, owners of Solid Rock Custom Homes, got into the residential construction market in 1995 when they launched Solid Rock Construction, which focuses on remodeling and basement finishing. They realized a passion for construction and custom homebuilding became a goal, so Solid Rock built two custom homes in 2004, creating a new sister company, Solid Rock Custom Homes, that same year.

“My wife and I started both companies together, and we’ve really enjoyed the custom building process and seeing something built from scratch,” Lain Chappell explains. “We have yet to build the same house twice.”

Solid Rock builds about six to 10 homes each year, and is considered a fully custom homebuilder, so every detail that goes into the company’s homes is unique to each family that builds with the company. Its homes can range in price and size because of their custom nature, anywhere from $700,000 into the millions, and from a smaller retirement home, to a large manor that could host the greatest of parties.SolidRockBox1

Solid Rock aims to remove as much stress as possible from the homebuilding process by having open communication with the clients throughout the project, and involving the architects and designers early. The company visits the lot with its clients and the architect early on to get a full understanding of what the client envisions for their home, and continues working closely with them to ensure the project progresses in the best way.

“We always treat clients like we are in their shoes, and we treat them with respect,” Chappell says. “It’s just a good, old-fashioned work ethic, treating everyone nicely and taking care of them. We are involved in the construction and building process right from the beginning – from day one to well after the warranty. Solid Rock remains involved in every part of the process, from the architectural decisions, every selection meeting, working with interior designers, talking to the engineers about the structural design, getting the permits and building the house.”

Something to Celebrate

Solid Rock takes pride in working closely with clients through every step of the homebuilding process, and making it an enjoyable experience for them. For example, the company has groundbreaking ceremonies for its clients, so they can get in on the fun of building their dream home. Recently, a client got into an excavator and pushed over a tree during the groundbreaking, Chappell says.

“We do quite a bit of on-site meetings with our clients,” he explains. “A Solid Rock representative is always there to help ensure safety and to explain everything that is going on. We try to remove as much stress as we can and celebrate milestones along the way. We’ll do a framing walk, showing clients that if we need to change walls or move soffits, we can. We do an electrical walk to plan where all of the switches and lights will go, and we’ll even take them in during the drywall stage – they can be involved as much or as little as they want to be. We do a ribbon cutting or something special for them when the house is turned over to them – something to celebrate that it’s a monumental event.”

Solid Rock undertook one of its “most intense” projects in terms of schedule for the 2018 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, Chappell says. The company was able to finish the home in seven months, he explains, although it normally would have taken 10 to 12 months, and the end result was “spectacular.”

He describes the home as having a “rustic industrial modern” design. It was rustic in many of its finishes, barn wood floors and other details; industrial with steel on the interior and exterior; and modern with clean lines and contemporary windows.

“It ended up being an award-winning home,” Chappell says. “It was just a spectacular piece. The client wanted a lot of wine storage, but they didn’t want to stuff it all in a wine room, they wanted everything in the open. We created a wine-train concept, which was accessed from the wet bar hidden behind a cabinet, and that extended underneath the stairwell to capitalize on what would have been empty space. The cabinet comes out like a coal train, stretching five feet with wine bottle storage, rolling across the floor on old metal-cast wheels. The wine train is visible, as well as accessible, through a glass wall underneath the stairwell when the cabinet is closed.”

Culture and Community

To execute projects such as the 2018 Parade of Homes, Solid Rock surrounds itself with the most professional contractors, designers and vendors in the market. The company is dedicated to matching architects and contractors to the needs of the client, which helps projects be delivered in the best way possible.

Chappell, however, also is dedicated to ensuring Solid Rock operates at the highest level of quality. He is one of four builders in Colorado who has the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), which shows he made a commitment to the best in homebuilding, service and advanced construction techniques.

The company is a member of the national and local chapter of the NAHB, and the association’s Builder 20 Club, which is a group of builders in non-competing markets who discuss and develop solutions to help improve each other’s operations. Additionally, Solid Rock has been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Colorado Springs, and is a recipient of the Ethics and Customer Service Award from the Better Business Bureau.

Chappell notes it is important to show clients that Solid Rock identifies as a Colorado Springs business and that it delivers on its promises. This dedication to excellence, he believes, will enable Solid Rock to go from doing $5 million in custom builds in a year to more than $10 million in custom builds.

“We have a great teamwork approach to our work – it’s a collaboration of everyone’s input and involvement,” Chappell says. “I’m really proud of our company culture and the way we’re participating in the community. We’re very aware that business comes to us from the community, so we look to give back to the community as much as we can. Being involved in the industry trade associations helps you become more professional. Giving back and sharing with others is important, and we’ve mentored some trades and businesses to improve the professionalism in our industry.

“We also build relationships with every one of our clients, and those relationships are very important to us,” he adds. “For the Parade of Homes, that’s a 17-day parade, and we have volunteers who help staff the parade home for us. Each volunteer is a past or present client, a local trade, banker, or architect – they want to be a part of the event because we’ve all helped each other over the years. These are strong relationships.” Solid Rock Custom Homes will continue to grow. The company is focused on building the business to the best it can be, and invite others to be a part of this success.

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