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Rendon Remodeling & Design


A fine-tuned process and attention to detail allows Rendon Remodeling & Design to excel in the Northern Virginia market.
By Staci Davidson

Project Manager Joey Rendon describes a recent renovation and addition to a home in Arlington, Va., as a “perfect project” for Rendon Remodeling & Design. First the project’s homeowner was referred to Rendon Remodeling by a friend who had used the company multiple times in the past, and both the homeowner and his friend work in commercial construction, so they know quality work when they see it.

This project also was a good example of Rendon Remodeling’s work because it involved reconfiguring the home’s layout, adding space to nearly double the size of the house and making a number of design upgrades. Now, instead of the home having boxed-in rooms, it is open concept and arranged for entertaining, fulfilling the client’s wishes. “The referral family worked with us once, and then had us come back to work with them again when they moved,” Rendon explains. “It speaks a lot about our quality and process because we know what we’re talking about and they are comfortable in using us and recommending us.”

He notes Rendon Remodeling takes pride in doing a lot of custom design/build work, not just focusing on kitchen/bath remodels or adding decks. With the project in Arlington, the clients had a clear vision of what they wanted, so Rendon Remodeling focused on respecting the architecture of the home while providing the homeowners with timeless materials and a dramatic enhancement in terms of the flow and function.

“This was a Cape Cod-style home with unique exterior architecture, but the owners wanted a larger master bedroom, new bathroom and additional bedroom space,” says CEO Michael Rendon, Joey’s brother. “They also wanted to enlarge the existing kitchen and open it to the great room area. On the exterior, we had to add roof lines, but we kept to the architecture of the existing home to tie it all together.

“The original home was tight and the owners wanted to open it up to make it more of an entertaining space,” he adds. “We were limited with how much we could build on the lot, so we had to be creative in how we could add to the space, but we created a very nice layout.” The level of quality the company delivers attracts clients.RendonBox1

More than 90 percent of Rendon Remodeling’s work is the result of referrals or repeat business from previous clients. Working with homeowners throughout Northern Virginia, the company’s dedication to honest and professional remodeling not only attracts clients, but also Designer Amy Bryan.

“I got the Rendon Remodeling name from someone on my street and had such a lovely experience,” Bryan explains. “Their attention to detail is amazing, and I went to them, saying ‘design is my background, and if you are like this with every client, this is what I can do for you.’ That was six years ago, and I’m still working with the company.” “We are really known for focusing on quality projects, having a strong attention to detail and offering design solutions,” Michael Rendon says. “We do a lot of work that involves redesigns of floorplans and additions, and we do it all with quality, producing projects at a high level and on schedule. We separate ourselves by the type of quality we provide, and we can do that with a lot of great craftsmen on staff and a good group of subs that we work with on a regular basis. We have a great team and a great process.”

‘Honest and Upfront’

This focus on quality and service was established by the company’s founders – Fred and Karen Rendon – who are Michael and Joey’s parents. Karen notes she and Fred are “a husband-and-wife team for 44 years,” and Fred has been in the residential remodeling business for 35 years. They started Rendon Remodeling in 2006, realizing going out on their own would allow them to deliver projects to their standards, and it could be a business to pass on to their sons.

“We’re homeowners as well, and we understand how a homeowner should be treated when investing in their homes,” Karen Rendon explains. “It’s important to work with an ethical, morally just company, and we realized it was time to have 100 percent control over the quality, reliability, workmanship and communication we provided.”

With Fred Rendon’s strong reputation, the business started with nearly $1 million in backlog in its first two months. “I had people call me who knew about me, and it just worked out for us,” Fred Rendon says. “The economy was strong and I had been in the industry for a long time, so I knew the ins and outs. I knew what it took to sell and keep homeowners happy.”

When the Great Recession hit the market in 2008, Fred used it as a chance to teach his sons about the business. For the past three years, Fred has focused more on consulting, letting his sons take over and maintaining the company’s reputation for quality. “First and foremost, we do what we say we are going to do,” Joey Rendon says. “We are honest and upfront with our clients, and we do not cut corners. We may not be the biggest, but we sell ourselves by doing high-quality work.”

The team has worked hard to fine-tune its process to deliver on a high level. Michael Rendon sells the projects, helping clients determine their budgets and how the projects should be designed. Amy Bryan assists homeowners with their design as well as helping select materials and fixtures for their home, and Joey Rendon takes the production from start to finish.

Karen Rendon is still involved in the company, managing the books and keeping the team organized. Everyone is focused on providing success as a team. “We’ve done projects for my family, friends and other people in our close-knit community,” Bryan stresses. “If I didn’t feel comfortable and 100 percent confident in our process and final product, I would never recommend my employer to friends and family. Here, it’s all about the final product and attention to detail. There is rarely anything on the punchlist because every issue has already been addressed. That is something that Fred really started – the meticulousness. As a result, we do such a better job than so many other contractors, and I have a big sense of pride in recommending this team to my friends and family.”

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