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Padgett Building Specialties


Padgett Building Specialties is keeping busy as it provides gutters for high-end homes.

By Alan Dorich

Some contractors might be tempted to rush through their work and pay little attention to the details, but Padgett Building Specialties takes the opposite approach. “We take our time and do it right,” owner Jonathan Padgett asserts. “The details are very important.”


Based in East Flat Rock, N.C., the firm provides gutters to clients in North and South Carolina. Padgett explains that the company’s roots go back to when he and his father attended his brother’s wedding in England.

While they were staying overseas, Padgett’s father saw a PVC gutter, which led the two to research the product. “[We] decided it to import it here and sell it,” Jonathan Padgett recalls, noting that the start of a new business appealed to him. “I was looking for something to get out of retail.”

For a decade, Padgett Building Specialties sold the PVC gutter products before its deal with the supplier ended. After that, “We went on to other things,” Padgett says.

Today, the company primarily focuses on providing its clients with half house gutters, but also offers galvanized, aluminum, k-style and box gutters as well. “We do everything now,” Padgett says.

He adds that Padgett Building Specialties expects to see an increase in sales this year, thanks to a boost in copper gutter sales. “We’ve been using that [material] for years now,” he reports.

Big is Back
Each year, Padgett Building Specialties will complete 15 to 20 projects for individual clients. But the bulk of its work, Jonathan Padgett notes, is for residential contractors working on high-end homes.

“In western North Carolina, big monster houses are back, like they were before the recession,” he says. “These are [for] really wealthy people that are coming from other parts of the country.”

These homeowners, he notes, include retirees who have homes that span 14,000 square feet and beyond. Soon, “I’m going to be putting gutters on a 15,000 square foot house and another that’s 17,000 square feet,” he adds.

Padgett Pride
After all these years, Padgett still finds satisfaction in his company’s work. “I’m very proud of the reputation that we have established and the work that we’ve done,” he says.

Padgett Building Specialties also has nurtured an environment where employees stay loyal to the firm. “We’re just a big family,” he says, noting that one of his employees has up to 17 years with the firm while another has seven. “Everyone is very, very good and very talented.”

Padgett sees a strong future for the company, which is keeping busy and has no plans to rest on its laurels. Instead, “I’m working on several gutter machines,” he reports, adding that these will allow the company to manufacture gutters more easily.

“[This will] position my company a little better for the next recession,” Padgett states, adding that he someday plans to branch off from the company into another industry. “I just want to have another career so I can do some more work.”

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