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All Weather Insulated Panels


AWIP will open a new facility in the Northeast to expand its reach.

All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) specializes in building products that expand the possibilities for a greener tomorrow. The company’s mission is to provide insulation solutions to commercial, industrial and cold storage construction projects that require the perfect combination of energy efficiency, creative versatility and ease of construction. 

From freezing, sub-zero temperatures to dry heat or high humidity, Mother Nature continually tests the limits of buildings. In response to this, energy codes and green building designs have become increasingly more important for the construction industry in recent years. 

“One of the main trends we have seen from the International Energy Conservation Code in the United States is the R values required on roofs are about 40 to 50 percent higher than they were 15 years ago, especially in the Northeast,” Technical Director Brian Ng says. “The energy code requirements in the Northeast are a lot higher than anywhere else in the country because of the climate in the winter.”

That being said, most of the major cities in the United States are more focused on green building, sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint, going above and beyond what is required by the building codes. “Cities like Philadelphia and New York City, and states like Maine and Massachusetts are going above and beyond by setting targets to use renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions by a certain date,” Ng adds. 

It is imperative for the construction industry to carefully select the right building components for building projects to achieve these goals, Ng says. “Insulated metal panels or IMPs are metal sandwich panels that offer high thermal insulation and excellent air and water barrier performance to meet the most stringent sustainability requirements,” he adds. “The insulated foam core of IMPs chemically bonds between two roll formed steel facings with interlocking tongue and groove joints. As a unitized composite, the panels have exceptional structural performance characteristics and are quick to install.” 

The Benefits of IMPs

IMPs install quickly and easily, providing a complete weatherproofed building envelope and offer the best value for insulation. AWIP wall and roof panels slide together with tongue-and-groove joinery or with an overlapping edge. At an approximate R-value of eight per inch, a four-inch wall or roof panel has an R-value of 32, easily exceeding the R-value standard of 30 prescribed for roofs in most metro areas. 

The costly and time-consuming multiple step installation of traditional systems is eliminated with insulated metal panels. “It’s a faster installation as the wall and roof panels are from a single source, which means there is less potential for different trades on the job site,” Ng says. “Because the sandwich panels are only one unit, it installs a lot quicker than going back and installing multiple layers of a wall or roof.”

IMPs are made of unique composites that consist of closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam that is chemically bonded to two sheets of light gauge factory-coated steel. The combination of these components results in lightweight, high-strength building modules with exceptional thermal characteristics compared with antiquated field-assembled walls and roofs. “Being a single component made from this unique composite, there is less thermal insulation loss over time compared to traditional systems where the environment can get in between the layers and cause it to degrade over time,” Ng explains. 

Expanding in the Northeast

AWIP is strategically positioned to meet the growing energy, environmental and economic challenges facing the North American building industry with to state-of-the-art continuous line manufacturing facilities in Vacaville, Calif., and Little Rock, Ark. The company recently purchased a building in East Stroudsburg, Pa., to increase accessibility to its products and have a greater reach across North America. “AWIP’s foundation has been built on providing a high level of customer service to our customers in the commercial, industrial and controlled environment construction segments,” Vice President of Sales Greg Lusty says. “This new manufacturing location further expands our market presence and will allow us to more efficiently and effectively service our customers in the East.” 

As the R values continue to increase in the Northeast, AWIP is strategically positioning its new facility in Pennsylvania to improve its visibility in that region and into Canada. The company will invest at least $24 million into the building and create at least 70 new full-time positions over the next three years. 

AWIP President Natalia Rizzatti says the company’s third manufacturing facility will feature a best-in-class production line and help realize the company’s expansion plans. “This location provides us with a strategic geographic position that will support our ambitious growth plans,” she said in an announcement. “A brand-new best-in-class continuous insulated metal panel production combined with unparalleled processes and services will ensure we continue to provide the highest quality products and customer experience possible.” 


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