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Construction Forms Inc.


Con Forms delivers performance, profitability and safety for customers around the world. 

The construction industry constantly demands quality, performance, reliability and on-time product delivery. The opportunities within the industry are global, constantly evolving, technically challenging and fraught with safety issues from so many angles. Understanding all these variables is critical to the success of every company seeking increased business and profitability, no matter where they are.

That’s why so many companies and service providers turn to Construction Forms Inc. Known globally as Con Forms, it has been a leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of safe, highest-quality concrete pumping systems and accessories worldwide for more than 50 years.     

Con Forms, the only manufacturer of concrete placing systems in the United States, is located in the heartland of America and employs more than 200 people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe to reinforce global service offerings and support projects both domestically and internationally.  They provide state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes, heat-treating and testing facilities, a full metallurgy lab, and in-house engineering staff to ensure every customer understands their options and ideal solutions as well as receives products of the highest standard. 

Unrivaled Product Quality, Diversity and Service

Con Forms offers a vast product line that covers everything from the pump to the point of placement on a concrete pour – including back-end kits for all pump manufacturers, boom kits, laydown lines, couplings, hose and accessories. The full line of placing equipment includes tunnel placers, deck placers, bridge deck spreaders and self-propelled Spider Placer units, which can be engineered to fit any application requirements. 

The company’s expert technical sales and in-house engineering staff has decades of hands-on experience solving almost every conceivable global high-rise pumping application. They understand the risks, costs and performance demands bringing exceptional solutions to high-rise jobsites.

Through this process, the company delivers the industry’s leading abrasion-resistant pipe, unique bends, custom valves, placing equipment and laydown systems that are tailored to the requirements of each individual project. Con Forms’ wide variety of concrete placing solutions has been used on some of the world’s largest and most complicated projects, including Jeddah (Kingdom) Tower in Saudi Arabia, The Oroville Dam in California, Site C Dam project in British Columbia, Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and Freedom Tower in New York City, to name just a few.

Technical Expertise that Delivers Value 

Con Forms’ state-of-the art manufacturing facility has heat-treating equipment and automated welding robotics that ensure repeatable processes producing the most durable pipe on the market with consistent welds of the highest quality standard. The in-house metallurgy lab allows extensive testing of these products including hardness testing, pressure testing, destructive testing and weld testing. 

Con Forms products provide lower maintenance repair costs, longer replacement intervals and the lowest total lifecycle costs. Tests have shown that Con Forms Twin-Wall boom pipe can last up to three times longer than an imported Twin-Wall product, which will save companies time and cost in replacing worn pipe or being down due to failure on a jobsite. 

Con Forms does not only sell out-of-the-box off-the-shelf components like the competition. Expert technical consultation coupled with in-house manufacturing capabilities allows the company to provide customers the ideal solution for their application that others cannot. If the product doesn’t exist, the company has the capability to create it to customer requirements and implement it on the jobsite when and where necessary – worldwide. Working in partnership with its customers, Con Forms’ level of service to customers cannot be duplicated by vendors who simply re-sell standard, off-the-shelf components from overseas.

Safety as a Standard

Concrete pumping comes with a wide variety of risk factors, and in such a niche industry, there are very few experts. Safety is of the utmost importance and a cornerstone at Con Forms and comes as a standard with the entire Con Forms product line. All Con Forms’ products are CPMA-certified, meaning they meet the high safety standards set by the Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association. 

Due the company’s expertise in concrete delivery systems, customers continue to request safety training tailored to their projects. Representatives from Con Forms have traveled the globe to educate professionals on best safety practices to keep their workers safe on jobsites, with an emphasis on jobs that require high-pressure concrete pumping lines. 

Con Forms safety training has proven beneficial to a broad industry audience including equipment operators, equipment managers, company owners, project managers, safety managers and construction superintendents. These safety presentations help to improve worksite safety conditions by pointing out potential problem spots, and areas to inspect and observe to help avoid safety issues before they occur. 

More than a Vendor

Con Forms is a true partner to its customers and the industry – a manufacturer that listens to customers and works with the industry to develop world-class products specific to their needs. Con Forms’ sales engineers have seen thousands of projects from the planning phase through to completion. The company’s design and manufacturing capabilities, technology, safety standards and service have consistently provided quality products and added value unrivaled in the industry.

The Con Forms’ dedication to excellence grows with every year of business and with customers served. Don’t trust the safety of your employees and success of your business with unproven, unsupported and unreliable products. Put your trust with a guaranteed solutions provider that backs their product and supports customer efforts every step of the way. Trust Con Forms.

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