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Gaddy Surveying & Design Stays Strong With An Experienced Staff


GSD provides top quality services on projects that range from residential to commercial.

There may not be a more valuable commodity in the construction industry than experience, and Gaddy Surveying & Design (GSD) Inc. has it in abundance. “We have the practical experience on how construction works on the ground as opposed to simple book knowledge,” President and owner Frank Gaddy declares.

The “party chief” for GSD, for example, carries 15 years of industry experience, while its survey manager has 17 years. 

“We understand the physical aspect of our job and how it relates to actual construction practices,” Gaddy says. “In any company, your strength is your employees, and I have some wonderful people that work here.”

Based in Lawrenceville, Ga., the professional land surveying and civil engineering firm serves clients in the Metro Atlanta area as well as the rest of the state. “We specialize in providing top quality and professional services on a wide array of projects, from residential to commercial,” he says.

GSD’s customer base includes a select group of builders who exclusively utilize its services. “So I go wherever they go,” Gaddy says, adding that the bulk of his work is for residential construction projects. “We also provide engineering design for subdivision and commercial projects, and all necessary land surveying needed for those projects.”

Free to Choose

Gaddy, who has more than 30 years’ experience as a land surveyor and civil engineer in Georgia, took leadership of his family’s business 25 years ago. “My father was a land surveyor, and growing up, I spent the summers working with him in the industry,” he recalls.

Under his leadership, GSD has added engineering services, which has increased the diversity of its work. “It’s never the same, day to day,” Gaddy says. “There’s always a difference from one day to the next. I’ve done it so long that I don’t know that I’d want to do anything other than this.”

Gaddy adds that GSD is well positioned, allowing it to cherry pick its design jobs. “I can pick the subdivision jobs and commercial designs we want to do, as opposed to taking anything off the street,” he states. “I like the freedom to choose.”


One complex project in GSD’s portfolio required it to survey the interior building improvements for the Cheesecake Factory restaurant at Mall of Georgia in Atlanta. The company completed the contract for RCC Associates, which built the 9,300-square-foot restaurant inside the mall.

But the fact that GSD had to do the surveying indoors made it more challenging. “Most land surveying is usually done outside,” Gaddy explained, adding that the company needed to survey a confined space and locate its architectural features.

GSD was ultimately successful, as it used the latest technology. “There’s better technology now in the surveying industry than ever before and equipment continues to improve every year,” he says, noting that the company makes sure to utilize the newest equipment.

“There’s nothing cheap about surveying,” Gaddy admits. “I have the latest GPS equipment and a RTK subscription that covers the entire state of Georgia.”

On Its Own

GSD sets itself apart when it comes to site plans, Gaddy notes. While many competitors will sub out many aspects of the project to other registered engineers, “We do all of that in-house,” he reports.

This has allowed GSD to stay current on the latest code changes in all the jurisdictions in Metro Atlanta. In fact, “We are preparing so many site plans that we get changes and interpretations in code on a weekly basis,” he reports.

GSD is planning for more success, as it stays close to its customers. Today, “Our clients can contact anyone that works here, and everyone is reachable by phone or email when something comes up,” he says. “I think it’s important that everyone here is available for our clients by phone.” 


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