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Linked to Green


Concrete is one of the most regularly used materials in construction, but there is a greener way to built with it. As reported by CNN Business, LinkedIn is working with CarbonCure, a company that traps carbon emissions into concrete, for its new 245,000-square-foot building and parking garage at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Because the production of cement contributes to greenhouse emissions, CarbonCure will inject the captured carbon dioxide into concrete during mixing, where it will become a mineral. It ultimately becomes permanently imbedded when the concrete hardens, CNN Business explains.

CarbonCure’s senior director of sustainability, Christie Gamble, told the site that its technology has helped cut more than 52,000 metric tons of carbon emissions to date. “Our approach is to develop carbon reduction strategies that meet existing concrete quality codes and standards, and make business sense for all those involved,” she added.

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