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In the business world, meetings are essential, but they can seem like a drain on valuable time that could be spent elsewhere getting important things done. Ben Johnson–Zapier – a member of the marketing team at the 15-person seed-stage startup Proof – recently shared with Fast Company how his firm has been able to better use their time.

According to Johnson-Zapier, the firm found that it was having too many ineffective and unnecessary meetings. But Proof has added rules and best practices to have fewer meetings and make its sessions more productive. One strategy, he notes, was to require an agenda for every meeting.

“At Proof, we implemented the following policy: If you schedule a meeting, you need to create an agenda,” he writes in Fast Company. “Otherwise, the meeting is a no-go. When you require an agenda, you force the meeting organizer to stop and thoughtfully consider the purpose of the meeting, who should attend — and if it’s necessary at all.”

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