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Protecting Feathered Friends


If you work in a building or high rise, there’s a chance you’ve heard the booming noise when birds have an unfortunate impact with a window. But New York City may be doing something about it in a way that will affect the way that builders construct these facilities in the future.

According to Time, New York City lawmakers are set to adopt legislation that would require the use of “bird-friendly” glass on all new builds. This would reduce the tens of thousands of bird deaths that occur when they fly into the city’s structures each year.

The legislation, which is likely to pass, requires at least 90 percent of the exteriors of the first 75 feet of new structures or major renovations be built with materials that birds can see, including glass with glazing or patterns. “Unfortunately, our buildings have become a death trap for thousands of birds each year,” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson told Time. “As a bird-friendly city, this bill will help protect our feathered friends and reduce the number of bird mortality due to collisions.”

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