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Adopting Innovations Can Boost Your Productivity


Sometimes we get so comfortable doing things in our ways that they make us resistant to trying something new. This can be especially true in the construction industry, when it comes to adopting technology.

But according to Glenn Ebersole, a business development manager at CVM and CVMNEXT Construction, this hesitation is waning, thanks to the entry of new workers. In a recent article in the Reading Eagle, he highlighted several technology trends that can help builders grow productivity.

Two that have grown in prevalence are drones and 3-D printing. “Drones can be utilized to make sure that materials are perfectly put in place, while the 3-D technology can be used to ensure that the materials are of the desired sizes,” he wrote.

Another is the use of project management software, which has become a best practice in the construction industry and developed to perform multiple tasks, including designing a building and managing a construction site. “This software provides various benefits to a construction company, including transparency, efficiency and accountability,” he continues. 

Users of the software also can help make their sites even safer. “Current project management software gives real-time communication, project overview, and trackability,” he added.

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